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  • SHOW RESPECT : When going to see, lean thinking mandate┼Ľ that we show respect to all the people, especially the people who do the value-creating work of the business, the activities that create value for customers. By showing respect for the workers we also show respect for customers and the company. Look for evidence of disconnects between your stated objectives and what you actually observe at the workplace.

  • FLOW
    CFT meet up in SIM2 Area at agree schedule
    Collective Review Plant Open Sim Connect
    MOM to discuss walkby route
    CIL of line to ae present, collect findings
    MOM CFT to review and address SIM3


  • Melissa Tamares

  • Rodel Bersamina

  • Ariel Alcantara

  • Joseph Simbulan

  • Rey Mesias

  • Edwin Tamayo

  • Jonathan Balbuena

  • Maribel Campania

  • Chris Carza

  • Abel Onte

  • SIM 1/2 updated? Point for good points as well as areas for improvement in the SIM discipline of the plant/secto/cell.

  • Good / area for improvement

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  • In SIM2, issues are not ageing? Check new actions assigned to your department/team. Make a specific note of reccuring issues

  • Good / area for improvement

  • Remarks

  • CRITICAL ISSUES ( esp. PEOPLE, SAFETY related) closed in SIM2?

  • Remarks

  • Barrier logs are written in SIM boards? Ask why

  • Potential satety and ergonomic issues.

  • Remarks

  • Spend focussed time in areas of opportunity. - Areas where issues have escalated - Areas where analysis shows specific opportunities for improvement - Areas where special projects are in process

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  • Look for any types of waste : TRANSPORT, INVENTORY, MOTION, WAITING, OVER PRODUCTION, OVER PROCESSING, DEFECT(focus on areas where you have direct control on)

  • Remarks

  • Is your findings on your last audit resolved?

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  • Other findings

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