First Impressions

Entrance sign clean and well maintained?

Are entrance sign lights working (if applicable)?

Are the entrance perimeter fencing and gates in good condition and not showing banners in an unsightly way?

Is the front entrance clean and well maintained?

Is all lining visible in the car park?

Is the car park litter free, including cigarette butts?

Are flower beds well maintained and free of weeds?

Are knee rails well maintained?

Is the bike shed (if applicable) clean and well maintained ?

Is the car park lighting fully operational?

Are all car park drainage channels clear and in a good state of repair?

Are the fluorescent yellow CCTV information signs displayed in the car park?

Is the club house painted well with the correct colour scheme?

Is all signage appropriate and in a good state of repair?

Is the smoking area away from the entrance?

Is all clubhouse exterior lighting operational?

Are all roof overhangs free of cobwebs?

Are external bins in a good state of repair, clean and current with logo?

Are front entrance doors including glass clean and well maintained?

Is the approach to the entrance litter free including fag butts?

Are disabled bays free of staff vehicles?


Are entrance mats free of dirt and chewing gum?

Is the area painted (well) in current brand colours?

Are reception lights working?

Are TV’s on and showing Goals TV or appropriate channels?

Is the floor clean and in a good state of repair?

Is the reception desk clutter free and only displaying Goals or approved partner branding/advertising?

Is the area behind reception clutter free and well presented?

Are all posters up to date with frames not marked and in a good state of repair?

Is the football sales unit full (if applicable)?

Are footballs advertised for sale in reception?

Has the new Goals logo replaced all old Goals logo’s?

Is the defibrillator location sign on display?

Is a list of qualified first aiders visible on reception?

Is promotional material displayed in line with all current marketing requests from HO?

Are HO approved enquiry packs available for customers to take away?

Are vendors clean and full with all supplier stock in the machine and located in line with the planograms and with correct change levels?


Are entrance doors clean, in good working order and labelled correctly?

Is the toilet floor clean and well maintained?

Are the vents clean, clear and working?

Are all radiators covered/clean/painted?

Are urinals clean and well maintained, including wall/panels and with scented urinal mate?

Are sanitary bins available in the ladies and disabled toilets?

Are sinks/vanity units clean and well maintained?

Do taps work and with appropriate timed flow (where applicable)?

Is the baby changing unit secure on the wall, clean and in good operational order?

Is a nappy bin available?

Are toilet cubicles clean, well maintained and lockable?

Are toilet seats clean and well secured?

Are all toilet brushes removed?

Are posters current and laminated?

Are walls clean and well painted?

Is lighting to adequate visibility levels and in full operation?

Is toilet roll and hand soap available in all dispensers?

Is the hand drier clean and operational?

Changing Rooms

Is all lighting operational?

Is heating and ventilation clean and operational?

Are lockers clean and working?

Are changing benches clean and in a good state of repair?

Is the floor clean and showing evidence of regular deep cleaning?

Are walls and ceilings painted well and in current company colours?

Are showers working and hot?

Are shower heads and pipes free from limescale and leak free?

Is the shower ceiling clean and well painted?

Are shower walls clean and limescale/grease free?

Are shower drains and gully’s clean and smelling fresh?

Are posters current, laminated and with frames clean and well maintained?

Are any shower curtains clean and well maintained?

Are bins available?

Is the fire exit accessible and alarmed?

Bar & Lounge

Are all windows/glass display areas clean, free of cracks or other damage?

Is the floor clean and in a good state of repair including any carpeted areas?

Is all furniture clean and in a good state of repair?

Is all AV equipment operational?

Are all walls painted in line with company paint guide and free of blue tac/cello tape?

Is air con/heating clean and working?

Are all table talkers/bar promo materials current and in place?

Are all poster frames current, clean and posters laminated?

Is all lighting working/adequate?

Is the bar back display appropriate to current promotions and displayed tidily?

Are storage/shelving areas that are visible to customers free of clutter and tidy?

Are all fridges working, stocked as per planogram with glass and door runners clean?

Is appropriate branded glassware present?

Is glassware, jugs/beer towers clean and stored on relevant shelving/matting?

Is the coffee display board current and with a dedicated coffee area/display visible that’s clean and visually well organised?

Is the polar crush machine full with branded cups and stirrers displayed in a tidy manner?

Are all relevant products/G Cafe items on display including any promotions?

Does the club have on display the following: Section 57 with current staff and DPS listed, challenge 25 poster, drinks prices, licensing terms and conditions and weights and measures information?

Is the ice cream freezer locked and full?

Is there a bin available for customer use?


Is room temperature between 12 and 14 degrees?

Are fob detectors clean and free of yeast/mould?

Are kegs rotated (first in first out) and within date?

Are BIB’s (bag in box) in date?

Is fire escape clear of obstruction?

Are the draught chiller coolant levels within minimum/maximum levels?

Are all gas cylinders strapped/chained securely?

Is room tidy and free of litter?

Is cellar locked outside of busy operating hours?

Arena’s/Pitch side areas

Is the netting installed correctly?

Is the netting free from holes and in a good state of repair?

Does every pitch entrance have a player safety sign?

Do pitch gates close fully and can they be locked?

Is the pitch surface in a good state of repair and free of undulations?

Is all white lining visible including penalty and centre spots?

Are the rubber crumb levels adequate and are pitches being brushed in line with the pitch maintenance guide?

Are rebound boards correctly installed and free from de-lamination or major scuffs and marks?

Are boards free of injury risks such as protruding screws?

Is the pitch fencing correctly installed, taught and with no sharp edges fixtures and fittings?

Are tension clips in place and facing away from the playing arena?

Are the goal nets correctly hung and in a good state of repair?

Are the goals secured down to the surface with wire rope?

Are goal frames painted/white and in good condition?

Is each pitches fitted with boards of the same colour (I.e all brown or all green?)


Are the walkways free from trip hazards?

Are the walkways free from chewing gum?

Are the walkways free from litter/micro litter including cigarette butts?

Are the walkways brushed and free of rubber crumb build up?

Are bins secured, evenly distributed, clean, not full and showing correct company logo?

Is their adequate pitch directional signage?


Is the office tidy and well organised?

Are the Sales & Game Count building KPI planners on the wall and updated?

Are only ‘in use’ folders stored on any shelving?

Are Goals process and policy manuals accessible?

Are all Fire safety and Health and safety folders present and up to date with most recent external safety audit results available?

Is the bar training and licensing folder accessible and up to date?

Is the stock take/delivery notes folder accessible and up to date?

Is the daily pitch check folder up to date with a detailed inspection being carried out once a week by management?

Is the duty manager check list folder present and up to date to denote day to day task completion?

Is the referees and coaches accreditation and code of conduct folder up to date?

Is the arrears folder up to date with letters dispatched for legal action and copies saved and the lists of current customers with arrears showing adequate notes for arrears reprisal?

Is the legionnaires folder up to date with checks all complete?

Are all payslips secured in the safe?

Are all till floats and safe floats full win correct £ values and the cash denominations matching with smart centre till reconciliation?

Is office lighting adequate?

Is the league disciplinary file up to date with discipline flow chart and refs reports for any incidents, and with lists of any banned teams and players current?

Are panic alarms on site and in use?

Is the H&S law poster up and in date?

Is the certificate of employers liability insurance on display?

Is there evidence that the ‘Team Values’ are alive culturally at the club with the leader board updated with thank you cards?

Is the CCTV operational with recording working (30 days minimum)?

Staff standards

Are all staff in correct uniform for their job role?

Are all staff wearing a Goals lanyard?

Are the maintenance and cleaning staff equipped with and wearing correct safety related attire?

Is the company mobile phone policy being adhered to?

Are receptionists equipped with a bespoke daily action plan?

Is the manager/supervisor working from a to do list over and above the duty manager check list that ties in with sales and operational objectives?

Are the phones being answered as quickly as possible with the correct greeting and with each call being handled professionally and diligently in line with company expectations?

Is the portable phone in operation?

Are walky talkys in use between management/staff?

Are customers on site being greeted with a smile and thanked for the visit upon exiting the premises?

Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.