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1.0 - Location Being Inspected

  • Office

  • Zone (If Applicable)

  • 1.1 - Has the last Monthly Workplace EHS Compliance Checklist been reviewed?

  • 1.2 - Are there NO outstanding Actions?

2.0 - Fire Prevention

  • 2.1 - Extinguishers in place and clearly marked for type of fire?

  • 2.2 - Extinguishers clear of obstructions?

  • 2.3 - Exit doors easily opened from inside? (Open at least two fire doors during walk round.)

  • 2.4 - Exits clear of obstructions?

3.0 - Waste Management

  • 3.1 - Are all waste transfer and consignment notes retained and filed correctly in the GSH Log Book?

4.0 - Electrical Safety

  • 4.1 - Are walkways free of power leads or trailing cables?

  • 4.2 - Have all other electrical hazards been identified?

5.0 - Chemical Safety

  • 5.1 - Material Safety Data Sheets (MSDS) available for all chemicals on site and records available?

  • 5.2 - Hazardous substance inventory being maintained on site and taken into account in the site risico inventory and evaluation (RIA)?

  • 5.3 - Adequate Personal Protective Equipment (PPE) available and being used when using chemicals? (E.g. Goggles, gloves and protective aprons.)

6.0 - First Aid Facilities

  • 6.1 - Are First Aid rooms clean and orderly?

  • 6.2 - First aid kits clearly labelled?

  • 6.3 - Is there easy access to First Aid kits in an emergency?

  • 6.4 - Are First Aiders accessible and are their emergency contact details posted around site?

7.0 - Visitor / Contractor (Vendor) Management

  • 7.1 - Are all visitors and contractors signing into the GSH Log Book on site? (Reconcile records with visitors and contractors present on site.)

  • 7.2 - Is there site safety and guidance available for visitors and contractors?

  • 7.3 - Are site visitor and contractor records being kept?

  • 7.4 - Health and Safety information regarding hazards provided to contractors?

  • 7.5 - All contractors used on site have been evaluated for Health and Safety competency and accredited to the VCA Safety Checklist for Contractors (SCC) scheme?

8.0 - Accident Reporting

  • 8.1 - Have all accidents and incidents (Near Miss) been recorded?

  • 8.2 - All accidents over 4 days incapacitation been investigated and lessons learned?

  • 8.3 - All accidents been notified to the Local Authority, as required? (This should be carried out in conjunction with the EHS Manager.)

  • 8.4 - Have all accident details been collated and sent to the EHS Manager on a monthly basis?

9.0 - Environmental Health and Safety Documentation

  • 9.1 - Is a GSH Log Book system in use on site?

  • 9.2 - Are all reports and documentation filed correctly and cross referenced to other locations and files as appropriate?

  • 9.3 - Is all supporting documentation available such as:<br> Site asset list <br>Planned Maintenance schedule <br>Contract schedule <br>GSH and Client Contact details?

  • 9.4 - Are risk assessments and Last Minute Risk Assessments (LMRA) being completed for activities? (Verify 5 at random.)

  • 9.5 - Asbestos Inventory being maintained for site and any removal work subject to permit and safety requirements and disposed of by certified waste processor?

  • 9.6 - Risk assessments carried out on site to protect staff from biological hazards and best practice being followed to manage water quality?

  • 9.7 - Manual handling issues identified and controlled as part of the risico inventory and evaluation?

10.0 - Other EHS issues (Include reports, other documents, photos or drawings)

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