• Document No.

  • Health, Safety and Welfare Induction Checklist

  • Department

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel

  • Clock Number

  • Job Title

  • Is the Employee under 18 years of age?<br>If yes, undertake Young Persons assessment using relevant checklist before completing this Induction.<br>This must be carried out by the employees manager/supervisor. If No, complete this form. <br><br>

Inform Employee of the following;

  • Inform Employee of persons whom she/he is directly responsible

  • Inform Employee of hours of Work in department

  • a.m.

  • p.m.

  • Inform Employee of breaks in department

  • Morning

  • Lunch

  • Show Employee where meal breaks can be takes

Explain procedures in case of accident -

  • Reporting of all accidents and near misses

  • Introduce Employee to First Aid Representative

  • introduce Employee to Safety Representative and explain his/her functions

Ensure Employee is aware of the plant/equipment he/she is allowed/not allowed to use

  • All employees should ensure that they only use plant or equipment that they are authorised to use safely. This should only be the case after receiving the relevant information, instruction and training, together with adequate supervision to allow them to use the plant/equipment safely

Issue Employee with Personal Protective clothing and Equipment and inform Safety Representative.

Conduct Employee on tour of site and explain in detail the following:

  • Fire Risks - have they completed Basic Fire Safety

  • Location and type of fire extinguishers

  • Location of fire alarm and call points

  • Procedures in the event of a fire - refer to Fire Procedure in Health & Safety manual

  • Use of protective clothing and equipment - refer to individual Safe System Of Work for PPE requirements if needed

  • Dangers of machining - refer to Health & Safety Training booklet

  • Dangers of grinding - refer to Health & Safety Training booklet

  • Cranes and lifting gear - refer to HSC-SOP16

  • Fork lift trucks - refer to HSC-SOP15

  • Compressed air - refer to HSC-SOP17

  • Use of cutting fluids - refer to HSC-SOP21

  • Dangers of labouring and materials handling - refer to HSC-SOP22

  • Explain to employee other relevant health & safety aspects related to the department

  • Ask employee if he/she has any questions

  • Make sure employee has a copy of Company Health & Safety rules and inform them to read relevant sections

  • I have received and understood all relevant Induction training

  • To be signed by employee:

  • The Employee has completed all relevant sections, and has shown understanding of the Induction Training.

  • To be signed by the Manager

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