Section 1 - Management of Health and Safety Does the college/department have an adequate Safety Policy?

  • A - Has the policy been signed, issued and reviewed?

  • B - Does the safety policy explain health and safety arrangements?

  • C - Does the policy delegate responsibilities adequately?

  • D - Are employees aware of the policy and it's contents?

  • E - Does the policy indicate a commitment to Risk Assessment principles?

Section 2 - Fire Is the risk of fire adequately considered and controlled?

  • A - Have fire risk assessments been carried out?

  • B - Is appropriate fire fighting equipment available?

  • C - Have all employees received appropriate fire training?

  • D - Are periodic emergency evacuations carried out and recorded?

  • E - Are emergency exits kept clear at all times?

  • F - Is the fire alarm system tested regularly and recorded?

Section 3 - COSHH Have the hazards from potential hazardous substances been identified and controlled?

  • A - Have all hazardous substances used in the department been identified?

  • B - Are hazard data sheets available for all substances identifies?

  • C - Have COSHH assessments been completed for all processes?

  • D - Have remedial actions arising from assessments been suitably implemented?

  • E - Have employees been made aware of the assessment findings?

  • F - Have the assessments been reviewed?

Section 4 - Risk Assessments Is there an adequate risk assessment program in place?

  • A - have all hazardous activities been identified through risk assessment?

  • B - Are clear records of assessments available and up to date?

  • C - Are all additional control measures implemented and recorded?

  • D - Are the assessments monitored and reviewed?

  • E - Are personnel at risk informed of the assessment findings?

Section 5 - Display Screen Equipment users Is the use of display screen equipment controlled?

  • A - Have all users of display screen equipment been identified?

  • B - Have adequate assessments been carried out?

  • C - Have all users of display screen equipment been made aware of the hazards identified?

  • D - Is a system for carrying out eye tests in place?

Section 6 - Manual Handling Have all manual handling issues been identified and addressed?

  • A - Have all manual handling operations been identified?

  • B - Are mechanical aids (hoists, pallet trucks, trolleys) used?

  • C - Have any detailed manual handling assessments been conducted?

  • D - Has information/instruction/training been recorded?

Section 7 - Safety Culture Does a 'proactive' culture exist and permeate throughout the college?

  • A - Is the health and safety policy driven from the top?

  • B - Is responsibility for health and safety understood at all levels?

  • C - Is there a safety committee and does it meet regularly?

  • D - Have all managers and supervisors been trained in their health and safety responsibilities?

Section 8 - Accident and incident reporting procedure Are appropriate lessons learnt following a thorough investigation of accidents and significant near misses?

  • A - Are all accidents reported and recorded?

  • B - is there a procedure/person for identifying and reporting reportable accidents to the HSE?

  • C - Is there a procedure for accident investigation?

  • D - Are the findings of accident investigations implemented?

  • E - Are accident statistics produced in order to identify trends and performance?

Section 9 - First Aid Are adequate and appropriate first aid facilities available?

  • A - Are adequate and appropriate first aid facilities available?

  • B - Have adequate numbers of people been trained in first aid?

  • C - Have employees been made aware of first aid arrangements?

  • D - Has the appropriate refresher training been undertaken?

Section 10 - Health and Personal Records Are appropriate health and safety records in place regarding the employment of people?

  • A - Are pre-employment questionnaires carried out?

  • B - is there a health surveillance programme in place?

  • C - are employee health records kept?

  • D - Are next of kin details kept and maintained?

Section 11 - Housekeeping Are the hazards associated with housekeeping adequately controlled?

  • A - Is a good housekeeping system in place?

  • B - Is a clean as you go policy being adhered to?

  • C - Are the premises cleaned regularly?

  • D - Are floors/surfaces/stairways in a good state of repair?

  • E - Are there adequate waste bins provided and used?

  • F - Are raw materials and products stored appropriately?

Section 12 - Health, Safety & Welfare Are the workplace welfare arrangements appropriate?

  • A - Are break areas available and adequate?

  • B - Are there suitable and sufficient toilets and hand washing facilities?

  • C - Is there an efficient smoke free policy in place?

  • D - Is the heating/lighting/ventilation adequate?

  • E - Are suitable items of protective footwear provided and worn?

Section 13 - Training and information Does the department have a competent and informed workforce?

  • A - Does a health and safety induction take place for all new starters?

  • B - Are staff training needs considered during performance reviews?

  • C - Is all staff training recorded and signed for?

  • D - Are there notice boards containing topical information?

Section 14 - Electricity Has the integrity of electrical equipment been assessed?

  • A - Does a competent person check portable appliances?

  • B - Are fixed electrical items and systems periodically checked.

  • C - Where appropriate is low voltage equipment or circuit breakers used?

  • D - Are sufficient numbers of electrical outlets available?

Section 15 - Statutory Evidence Are control measures adequately examined and monitored?

  • A - Are statutory inspections carried out and records kept?

  • B - are inspections comments/ remedial actions acted upon?

  • C - Are extraction systems inspected and tested every 14 months and records kept?

  • D - Is the H&S law poster displayed?

Section 16 - Safe Systems of Work Are employees adopting Safe Systems of Work?

  • A - Are safe working procedures in place for all hazardous activities?

  • B - Are the appropriate safety signs posted and adhered to?

  • C - Are the appropriate items of personal protective equipment being worn?

Section 17 - Work Equipment and Maintenance Is all work equipment adequately controlled?

  • A - Has all work equipment been assessed?

  • B - Are all rotating/moving parts of equipment guarded?

  • C - Is the guarding adequate against the risk?

  • D - is a work equipment maintenance system in place and records kept?

Section 18 - Noise Are noise levels controlled?

  • A - Has an assessment been carried out under the CNAW regulations?

  • B - If appropriate, are audiometry tests available to high-risk employees?

  • C - Have ear protection zones been identified?

  • D - Have employees been made aware of the risks?

  • E - Is appropriate PPE available and used?

Section 19 - Environmental Does the college/department have a written Environmental policy?

  • A - are waste oils/paints/chemicals stored and disposed of safely?

  • B - Is there a waste management plan in place?

  • C - Are materials storage methods and procedures appropriate?

  • D - Are hazardous waste consignment notices kept for 3 years? Or waste transfer notices kept for 2 years?

Section 20 - Non employees/Security Are hazards to non-employees adequately identified and controlled?

  • A - Are visitors/others appropriately received?

  • B - Are there appropriate measures to protect members of the public?

  • C - Is the use of college equipment by non-employees controlled?

  • D - Are there appropriate security measures to protect employees?

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