Compliant= 5. Opportunity for improvement= 3 Minor Non compliant= 2. Non compliant= 0 N/A= (No score)

    Non compliance requires an action comment and an RFA HK.FM-33 to be raised

    Minor non compliance requires an Action comment for follow up

Start up Checklist

  • 1.1 Has the Project Initial Quality Review Checklist HK.FM-77 been implemented for this project

  • 1.2 Has the Project Initial Environmental Review checklist HK.FM-88 been implemented for this project

  • 1.3 Has an Inspection Test Plan (ITP) HK.FM-63 been implemented for this project

  • 1.4 Is the Master Document Register HK.FM-40 on site and up to date

  • 1.5 Has the Project Specific Major Risk Register HK.FM-95 been implemented for this project

  • 1.6 Is the WHS Management Plan HK.FM-66 on site

  • 1.7 Is the Environmental Management Plan HK.FM-104 on site

  • 1.8 Are all appropriate forms, registers, HK policy statements, basic rules, safety alerts and posters on display

  • Other

Site Organisation

  • 2 .1 Is the WHS Management Plan HK.FM-66 being maintained and up to date

  • 2.2 Is the Environmental Management Plan HK.FM-104 being maintained and up to date

  • 2.3 Is the Inspection Test Plan (ITP) HK.FM-63 being maintained

  • 2.4 Are Subcontractor Trade Contracts/ Purchase Orders onsite and available for Site Managers

  • 2.5 Are completed documents filed in their correct folders. Namely separate folders for Site Inductions, SWMS. While the WHS Management Plan is to contain JSA reviews, permits, toolbox talks, Plant & Machinery checklist

  • 2.6 Have all workers signed in via a site sign in book or using a site specific sign in procedure

  • 2.7 Is a First Aid Register HK.FM-03 available for use together with an appropriate 1st Aid Kit

  • 2.8 Are 1st Aid personnel nominated and displayed.

  • 2.9 Is there an Emergency Contact Register HK.FM-27 on display

  • 2.10 Is there an up to date Evacuation Plan on site

  • 2.11 Is a Hazardous Chemical Register HK.FM-90 being used and maintained.

  • 2.12 Are permits for Hot Works, Working at Heights and Confined Space being used and maintained

  • 2.13 Is the Plant and Machinery Inspection Checklist HK.FM-94 being used and maintained

  • 2.14 Is there a H&K SDS register on site and accessible for all workers.

  • 2.15 Are Subcontractors presenting with SDS sheets for their own materials coming on site

  • 2.16 Have Site Inductions HK.FM-99 been fully completed

  • 2.17 Have Subcontractor SWMS been presented and signed off by all relevant workers

  • 2.18 Are Subcontractor JSA Review checklists HK.FM-96 being used on all SWMS

  • 2.19 Are toolbox meetings being conducted and recorded on HK.FM-14

  • 2.20 If applicable to this Project, do all Subcontractors have Police or DCSI clearances

  • 2.21 Has an Evacuation or Evacuation drill been carried out and results recorded on HK.FM-24

  • Other

Site Observations

  • 3.1 Are workers performing their tasks according to their SWMS

  • 3.2 Has all electrical equipment been tested, tagged and up to date.

  • 3.3 Are all electrical leads being managed on site in a safe manner.

  • 3.4 Does the workplace area have adequate lighting.

  • 3.5 Are fire extinguishers located within ready access to an exit.

  • 3.6 Do the extinguishers have a current test tag

  • 3.7 Are gas bottles secured in a trolley or secured to a wall

  • 3.8 Is the site or work area free from rubbish and obstructions.w

  • 3.9 Is the site waste being sorted for recycling

  • 3.10 Have hazardous objects, openings or areas been protected or isolated.

  • 3.11 Are materials being stored in a safe and orderly manner

  • 3.12 Are hazardous chemicals labelled and stored correctly

  • 3.13 Are site amenities being kept clean and well maintained.

  • Other


  • 4.1 Are Site Safety Audits HK.FM-97 being undertaken at the frequency declared in the WHS Management Plan HK.FM-66

  • 4.2 Are Environmental Audits HK.FM-89 being undertaken at the frequency declared in the Environmental Management Plan HK.FM 104

  • 4.3 Are there any outstanding issues from the previous audit

  • 4.4 Are there any issues uncovered from this audit that could be improved

  • 4.5 Detail below any nonconformance issues that require an RFA to be raised

Auditors Comments:

  • Close Out Signature .

  • HK.FM-100 (Revision 1)

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