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  • Conducted on

  • Instructor name

  • Class type

  • Club location
  • Prepared by

Pre Class

  • Arrived a minimum of 5 minutes before class start

  • Actively mingled with members/participants before entering the room

  • Approached new members/guests to engage with them and/or assist with equipment set up (where nessessary)

  • Was prepared for class (clothing, accessories, music, equipment) to start class on time

  • Any other "pre class" feedback

Class Introduction

  • Announced their name, program name and briefly described the class

  • Asked all participants if they had registered for the class & cross checked the participant list

  • Acknowledged newcomers and positively reassured them they would feel well in the class

  • Explained to all participants, health and safety options. Reassured the participants they should take options to ensure their success and safety

  • For Les Mills classes, did the instructor explain/clarify "Start Start" ? (N/A for non-LM classes)

  • Any other "class introduction" feedback

During Class

  • Used Microphone (Excluding the following classes: Yoga, Pilates, stretching, Rucken Fit, Aqua, Fit & Funky, ZUMBA, Dance)

  • Streamlined track transitions (no long breaks in the music) & maintained effective class flow (exercise/movements should not have large breaks, should be in continuous motion)

  • Followed class structure (LM,Pre-choreographed & other branded classes) and guidelines (Freestyle)

  • Instructions (verbal or visual) were easily understood and followed

  • Taught member facing

  • Connected with participants and kept them engaged throughout the class (individual or group)

  • Gave feedback/movement options (progression and regression) to help participants move better

  • Maintained class specific technique/form and energy throughout the class

  • Moved and coached in the feel of the program

  • Were the music & microphone volumes appropriate for the class? (vocals should not be competing with music)

  • Congratulated and thanked the participants at the end of the class

  • Did the class finish on time? (so that the following class was not to start late)

  • Any other "during class" feedback

Post Class

  • How many participants were in the class?

  • Reminded the participants to disinfect the equipment that they had used

  • Promoted the next class, other club events, services or promotions

  • Engaged and interacted with participants after the class

  • Any other "post class" feedback

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