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  • Is the HP Trainer wearing the appropriate uniform? (black PT shirt & black pants)

  • Is the HP Trainer wearing his/her name badge and is it clearly visible for the member/client to see?

  • Is the HP Trainer wearing shoes? If not, please explain if there was a reason.

  • Is the HP Trainer looking well groomed, with hair tied back and away from his/her face?

  • Is the HP Trainer free of wearing excess jewelry and arm bands? (Not a concern for health & safety)

  • Is the HP Trainer free of any strong perfumes/scents? ( no sweat, strong perfume, cigarette or food smells on body/ clothing)

Session Start

  • What time is the session due to start?

  • Did the session start on time? if not, please explain why and what time it did start.

  • Was it clear that the HP Trainer and the client/member had a specified meeting point? (Client/Member should not be wandering or looking for HP Trainer)

  • Did the HP Trainer greet the client/member with a warm smile with positive body language?

  • If this was a "first time session", did the HP Trainer address them appropriatley using the clients'/members' name/title? (Please mark NA if not a first time session)

Session Set Up

  • Did the HP Trainer ask the client/member if they were feeling okay to train today, how they feel today, or if they needed to be aware of something specific before training?

  • Did the HP Trainer briefly recap the last session?

  • Did the HP Trainer set a clear expectation for the current session & WHY they chose that specific method/direction?


  • Did the HP Trainer ask the client/member if he/she has previously done a set of warm-up exercises?

During The Session

  • Was the HP Trainer demonstrating positive body language? (Not sitting, leaning or standing poorly)

  • Did the HP Trainer actively engage with the client/member during the session?

  • Was the HP Trainer 100% focused on the client/member during the entire session?

  • Was the HP Trainer using an active "hands on" spotting technique? (Please note some exercises eg. Kettle bell swings, may not apply)

  • Was the HP Trainer using both verbal and "hands on" technique to make corrections, during every exercise performed?

  • Did the HP Trainer use clear and understandable communication so that the client/member understood what was required of them in every aspect of the training?

  • Did the HP Trainer give constant feedback regarding intensity?

  • Did the client/member seem engaged and motivated during the session?

  • Did the HP Trainer use a journal/take notes? (This could be in a digital format or notebook format)

After The Session

  • Did the HP Trainer offer assisted stretching or mobilization at the end of the session? if not, please explain why.

  • Did the HP Trainer ensure that the client/member signed for their session?

  • Was it clear to both the HP Trainer and client/member when the next session would be held?

  • When is the next session scheduled for?

  • Did the HP Trainer close the session with a "goodbye" or say something similar to : "see you at our next session" ?

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