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  • Proper layout, spacing and arrangement of furniture, equipment, etc.

  • Passageways, aisles clearly defined and free obstruction, slip / trip hazards

  • Drains kept clean and free of all debris

Fire Prevention, Protection & Means of Escape

  • Emergency procedures in place and evacuation plans are posted

  • Fire extinguishers are within specified service period

  • Fire extinguishers and hose reels are accessible

  • Fire alarm system is tested in accordance with the PM schedule

  • Emergency exit-way, marked, lighted and free of obstruction

  • Fire doors free from obstruction, easily opened and closed


  • HV certification is current

  • Electrical panels kept closed and properly labelled

  • Electrical panels are easily accessible and the front of each panel is free from obstruction

Floors and Stairs

  • No slipping, tripping, fall hazards

  • Floors, stairs adequately lit

  • Adequate emergency lighting installed and operational

  • Hand rails adequate and secured with "please use handrails" signs posted

  • All openings, balconies, and overhead areas supplied with proper guard rails

Chemical Safety

  • MSDS available for each chemical

  • Chemical storage areas are clean, and well ventillated

  • Containers are secured properly and there are no signs of spillage

  • PPE as stipulated on the MSDS is being used by site personnel

Personal Protective Equipment

  • PPE is available for site personnel

  • PPE is in good working condition

  • Staff understand how to use the personal protective devices

Site Rules

  • Are site rules adhered to

  • Are safety meetings held periodically


  • Are first aid arrangements adequate

  • Are the sanitary facilities kept clean

  • Is the elevator serviced in accordance with the statutory requirement

  • Is there effective and suitable ventillation

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