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1.0 Health & Safety Systems

  • 1.0 - Health & Safety Systems

  • OH&S, Illness & Injury Management, Fire & Prevention; and Security & Environment Polices are visibly displayed on site

  • Are Incident Reporting forms available to personnel on site?

  • Are Toolbox meetings conducted with workers?

  • Is protective clothing available to staff? is it in good condition? & Is it worn correctly?

  • Does the site have a HSE noticeboard?

  • Is the HSE noticeboard up to date?

2.0 HouseKeeping

  • Are work areas free of rubbish & obstructions?

  • Are all floor surfaces safe and in a suitable condition?

  • Is the workplace free of slip/trip hazards?

  • Are walkways unobstructed; clearly defined & have adequate lighting

  • Are there any unpermitted items in the area?

3.0 Electrical Safety

  • Are there any broken plugs, sockets or switches in the area?

  • Are there are strained, frayed or defective leads electrical leads in the area?

  • Are all electrical leads and equipment tested & tagged? Is the date within 1yr?

4.0 Machinery, equipment & workbenches

  • Is the workspace clean & tidy?

  • Is the machinery/equipment being operated safely?

  • Are All guards in place, in good condition and no exposed moving parts/pinch points evident?

  • Have operators been trained in the machinery/equipment in the area?

  • Have All identified hazards got controls in-place & risk is minimised?

5.0 Stairs, Steps & Landings?

  • Are there any worn or broken steps in the area?

  • Are handrails present and in good condition?

  • Is there adequate lighting on stairs, steps and landings?

  • Are stairs, steps & landings free of obstructions, debris and spills?

6.0 Manual Handling

  • Are MOVE 4 LIFE techniques being used in pre-start meeting?

  • Are manual handling aids in place for the area (eg. anti-fatigue mats, trollies, pallet jacks)?

  • When observing tasks being performed in the area; is excessive force, heavy lifting and repetitive movement minimised?

  • Have staff been trained in the correct moving technique for tasks undertaken?

7.0 Material Storage

  • Are stocks stable and heights correct?

  • Is there sufficient space for material storage movement to occur?

  • Is the racking/shelves in good condition?

  • Are heavier items stored low?

  • Is there any danger of falling objects?

  • Are any sharp edges noticeable?

  • Is there a safe means of accessing high shelves/racking?

8.0 Amenities

  • Are amenities and toilets clean?

  • Are covered rubbish bins available?

  • Are uniforms, coat hangers or other items left on the floor in the changerooms?

  • Is there an appropriate means to launder dirty uniforms?

  • Are hands free hand washing facilities available?

  • Is there appropriate signage in place for these areas?

9.0 First Aid

  • Are "First Aiders" names / locations and contact numbers displayed in the area?

  • Is there an emergency eye wash station or shower available where chemicals are used/stored?

  • Is there a dedicated first aid station in the area?

  • When was the first aid station in the area last inspected?

  • Does the site have access to a defibrillator?

  • When was it last inspected?

10.0 Lighting

  • Is lighting throughout the area adequate?

  • Are there any lights flickering or inoperable in the area?

  • Are All lights covered and are the covers in good condition?

  • What type of lighting is present in the area?

11.0 Fire Control

  • Are there fire extinguishers present in the are?

  • What was the last service tag date that the fire extinguishers were inspected?

  • Is appropriate signage present for all fire extinguishers?

  • Is signage in place to identify emergency exits?

  • Can emergency exits be opened from the inside?

  • Are emergency exits free of obstruction?

  • Does the site have a list of Fire Wardens displayed along with emergency contact details?

  • Is there any Expanded Polystyrene Foam (EPS) present in the area?

  • Is the EPS intact/free of damage?

12.0 Permit to Work

  • Can workers performing high risk work in the area demonstrate an accurate understanding of the permit system?

13.0 LOTO

  • LOTO equipment is available & used when required in the area?

  • Is appropriate signage in place to demonstrate isolation points for equipment?

  • Can workers demonstrate an accurate understanding of LOTO?

  • Are all E-stops labelled and functioning?

14.0 Mobile Plant & Equipment

  • Are Daily pre-start inspections/checklists available and completed?

  • Is there a fault reporting/rectification system used (eg. Infolink)?

  • Are operators trained and appropriately licensed?

  • Are warning lights & reversing alarms operational on the equipment?

  • Are battery charging stations positioned in an appropriate location (eg. PPE in place, well ventilated, charger leads tidy)?

16.0 Public Protection

  • Are barricades, fencing, boarding, gantry secure and in the right place?

  • Are dust, noise, odour controls in place to protect the community?

  • Does the site have appropriate security measure to prevent unlawful entry?

  • Are clear traffic control procedures in place to prevent harm to visitors/external contractors?

  • Is there signage present to highlight permitted entry point to the site?

  • Are walkways clearly provided and do they prevent pedestrian/plant interaction?

17.0 Signage

  • Are all pipes/service lines labelled in the area (eg. compressed air, water, gas)?

  • Are All hot surfaces clearly labelled?

  • Is signage in the area in good condition (eg. not pealing, secured correctly)?

  • Identify any faded, obstructed or unreadable signs

  • Is the signage relevant to the major hazards identified in the area?

  • Are All emergency exit signs visual in the area?

18.0 Hazardous Substances / Dangerous Goods

  • Are All chemicals in the area stored correctly?

  • Are chemicals in the area correctly bunded?

  • Are the chemicals stored in accordance with their correct classification (eg. flamables are not with corrosives)?

  • Is PPE available at chemical handling stations?

  • Is the PPE in the area being used correctly when handling chemicals?

  • Is there Hazchem signage displayed in relevant areas?

  • Are Safety Data Sheet's (SDS's) available at the point of use?

  • Are the SDS's within 5 years from date of issue?

  • Is there a Hazardous Substances & Dangerous Goods register available on site?

19.0 Restricted Areas / Confined Spaces

  • Does the site have a "Restricted Areas" register available?

  • Do the Restricted Area's identified display the correct signage?

  • Does the site have a map identifying "Restricted area's" and "confined spaces"?

  • Do all confined spaces have "Confined Space" signage displayed?

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