• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Observed Unsafe Conditions / Actions (Safety Incident report, reported & corrected)<br><br>

  • Dept Safety meeting with quiz completed for the month.<br><br>

  • New Injury or Vehicle Accidents to report (called in w/in 24 hours).<br>

  • New Injury or Vehicle Accident Investigation Reports (turned in w/in 2 days).<br>

  • New Injury or Vehicle Accident Followup Corrective Reports.<br>

  • Emergency Preparedness Plan and Employee Call Roster.<br>

  • Daily Forklift Pre-use Inspection Sheets (accounted for daily).<br><br>

  • Forklift Safe Operating Practices (observed & enforced).<br><br>

  • HAZMAT Shipping Paperwork & Product Labeling (monitored for accuracy).<br><br>

  • HAZMAT Response Team & Spill Containment Kit (available & maintained).<br><br>

  • MSDS (Material Safety Data Sheet) Binders (understood & maint'd)<br><br>

  • Extra Propane Tanks, Gas/Diesel Storage Containers (properly stored).<br><br>

  • PPE (Personal Protective Equipment) - gloves, goggles, etc (provided & maintained).<br><br>

  • Safety Cage & Body Harness (Fall Arrest Equipment, used & maintained)<br><br>

  • Trailer Jackstands (Placed under containers worked in, used & maintained)<br><br>

  • Loading Dock & Warehouse Floors (kept clean of debris).<br><br>

  • All Lighting for Loading Dock & Warehouse (inspected & maintained).<br><br>

  • Storage Racks & Bollards for Loading Dock & Warehouse (repaired as necessary).<br><br>

  • All Walk-paths & Stairs for Loading Dock & Warehouse (kept clear of obstructions).<br><br>

  • Potholes in Container Yard (repaired as necessary)<br><br>

  • Circuit Breaker Panels, Fire Exits & Fire Extinguishers (kept clear of obstructions).<br><br><br>


  • Used proper lifting and carrying techniques<br>

  • Used the 3-points of contact method to climb up or down<br>

  • Always avoided jumping off or on anything<br>

  • Always avoided kicking anything<br>

  • Always let falling objects fall<br>

  • Used available lifting and carrying aides<br>

  • Always cleaned loose debris prior to working over any floor<br>

  • Always watched his / her hand placement<br>

  • Always checked for obstacles prior to backing his / her vehicle<br>

  • Watched for & was prepared for loose freight to fall<br>

  • Wore goggles and gloves as required<br>

  • Abided by HOUSE RULES regarding safety<br>


  • Other observations noted

  • Photos

  • Name & Signature of Inspector

  • Date & Time of Inspection

  • Safety Manager's Notes

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