• Hygiene Audit

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  • To assess standards of food safety achieved through hygiene cleaning through visual and ATP assessment. Then to review cleaning documentation including training and schedules to ensure to a suitable standard to uphold hygiene standards.

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Hygiene window

  • Is there an established cleaning window agreed for site?

  • Has the cleaning window been sufficient?

Hygiene team

  • What is the size of the hygiene team?

  • Is the team adequately supervised?

Factory Inspection

  • Are factory facilities such as walls, floors, drains, ceilings and air handling units in good repair and clean?

  • Are changing areas clean and facilities suitable for food handling areas?

  • Is there instruction on hand washing and availability of hot water, soap and hand disinfectant?

Machinery Inspection

  • Is there evidence that the correct cleaning protocol is being followed? Use 6 step hygiene principle as reference.

  • Tick if ATP swabs taken

  • Results

  • Is ATP result within the acceptable range for the site?

  • Are machines clean and free from debris?

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Personal Hygiene

  • Are staff observed to be correctly washing and sanitising hands?

  • Are staff wearing correct PPE and free from jewellery other than a plain wedding band?

  • Is there evidence that staff are eating or drinking in unauthorised areas?

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Cleaning Documentation

  • Is a schedule in place covering all cleaning tasks both daily and periodical?

  • Is there evidence that the cleaning schedule is adhered to and signed by operative and somebody inspecting the equipment?

  • Are comments and corrective actions reportable on the documentation?

  • Are all tasks inspected on a determined frequency?

  • Are training records available for the hygiene team and are they suitable and sufficient?

  • Check one operators training records against an area they've signed off as clean.

  • Are training records for operative commensurate to the cleaning tasks performed?

  • Does the site make use of Cleaning Instruction Cards?

  • Do the CIC references match those on the cleaning sign offs?

  • Do CICs have all relevant information such as chemicals to be used, frequency of cleaning, key inspection points and detailed step instructions on how to complete cleaning?

  • Are chemical detergent and disinfection titration / strength tests performed and documented?

  • Are cleaning frequencies determined by a suitable risk assessment approach?

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