• Insert Project and Brief Incident Description

  • Date/Time of Incident

  • Prepared by

  • Document No.

Incident Details

Details of the Incident

  • Description of the Incident:

  • Location:

  • Name/s of persons involved:

  • Staff dealing with incident:

  • Staff attending incident site:

  • Responsible Supervisor/Manager:

Immediate Action Taken

  • Provide details of any corrective action taken at the time of this report:

Incident Type

  • Safety and Health

  • Environment

  • Community

  • Non-SHE

  • Fatality/s

  • Lost Time Injury / Taken to Hospital

  • Medical Treatment Injury

  • First Aid Injury

  • Near Miss

  • Property Damage

  • Security Breach

  • Hazard

  • Procedural Breach

  • Other

  • Other description

Drug and Alcohol Testing

  • Drug and alcohol testing undertaken?

  • Breath test returned?

  • Urine test returned?

  • Awaiting arrival of tester?

Incident Classification

  • Class 1

  • Level 1

  • Class 2

  • Level 2

  • EPC1

  • PC1

Sign off

  • Name

  • Signature

  • Phone number

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