Title Page

  • Site conducted

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Crime Ref No

  • Name of Police Officer in Attendance

  • Insurance Broker: Darwin Clayton,
    Darclay House
    9 Vernon Avenue
    Nottingham, NG9 2NS
    T: 01892 511 144
    F: 01892 511 455

Incident Details

  • Name of person involved in incident

  • Incident investigation team (Site rep, Lingwood rep etc.)

  • What task was being performed at the time of the incident

  • What happened? (e.g.injury, theft, vandalism etc')

  • Take photo evidence of incident

  • List of equipment damaged, stolen

  • Take photo evidence of surrounding environment (fence breaches, cabin damage, padlocks snapped, injuries etc.)

  • Immediate Cause of investigation

Immediate / Root Cause

  • Are there any obvious signs i.e. gates not locked, poor housekeeping, equipment not locked etc.

Contributing Factors

  • Select all the relevant contributing factors for each of the categories below.
    To create a corrective action click on the "Action" button, enter description of what we going to do to fix the problem, assign a due date, priority and person responsible.

  • Environmental factors (weather, lighting conditions, noise etc.)

  • Security staff inducted to site (photo of induction record required from site security folder)

  • Event log completed correctly (i.e. patrol times logged, site equipment listed, check calls recorded etc.) Photo of event log required

  • Seperate statement from guard required

  • Any other contributing factors (i.e. site restrictions, excavations, secondary site etc.)

  • Take photo evidence of any contributing factors

Preventative Measures Going Forward (Recommendations)

  • undefined

Sign off

  • Person involved in the incident

  • Supervisor

  • Site Rep

  • Lingwood Mgnr

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