Managers - Infection Control performed an inspection of your unit. Please review your survey and document your Plan of Correction next to each deficiency.
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Summary of Survey
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Employee Hand Hygiene Compliance

Employees Monitored

1.0. General Unit

1.1. Ceiling tiles are not stained or wet?

1.2. Air intake vents and diffusers are clean?

1.3. Storage less than 18 inches from ceiling?

1.4. Walls / floors are clean?

1.5. Boxes are off the floor?

1.6. Unit / area generally clean (without dust, clutter or debris)?

1.7. Supply area is free of food and/or drink?

1.8. Evidence of proper hand hygiene?

1.9. Appropriate soap/foam in use?

2.0. Employee General Knowledge

2.1. Employees know where to find infection prevention policies?

2.2. Employees know post-exposure protocol?

2.3. Employees know how to document hand hygiene observations?

Additional Comments

Additional Comments

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