Rail Industry Vehicle Registration No.

Inspection/ Test Date:

Vehicle Description:

Vehicle Registration:

Vehicle Owner:

Odometer / Hour Reading:

Hi-Rail Label No:

Please complete this checklist for each Hi-Rail vehicle annually

1.1 - check front axle lockout (where fitted) for correct function

1.2 - Check "over centre" condition is maintained ( or other positive locking system)

1.3 - Check frame areas, welds, mounting points for looseness and cracks

1.4 - Check that rail guidance suspension arm clamping bolts are secured and in place

1.5 - check splined suspension arm for wear and deterioration

1.6 - check chassis where road-rail frame is connected, for cracks, wear and security

1.7 - check for wear, cracks, Structual damage and lubrication

1.8 - check for bolt tightness

1.9 - check pivot points and ram mountings for wear, security and lubrication

1.10 - check front and rear suspension for wear and damage

1.11 - check all road wheels cannot be lifted off rail leaving vehicle unbraked

Rail Wheels

2.1 - check rail wheel for condition

2.2 - check wheel studs and nuts for security, damage and replace/ correct torque if necessary

2.3 - check web flange and tread cracks, wear and profile condition to ESR 0330

2.4 - check wheel bearings for wear & damage

2.5 - crack test stub axle and flextore spines (if fitted)

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Wheel Alignment

3.1 - check and if necessary adjust back to back gauge of front and rare guide wheels to -
-Standard gauge 1360mm
- +omm/ -3mm
Measured at the wheel/rail interface

3.1 - check and if necessary adjust back to back gauge of front and rare guide wheels to -
-Broad gauge 1525mm
- +omm/ -3mm
Measured at the wheel/rail interface

Defect Log

# defects

# Actions

Date completed

Parts ordered/used

By signing this checklist you acknowledge that you have carried out the above inspections
I certify that the described plant is to the manufacturer's specifications and is being serviced and maintained by competent personnel to the manufacturer's recommendations
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