Fall Protection

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  • Fall protection present at 6' or above?

  • Fall protection plan present?

  • Guardrails at 42"/21" +/- 3"?

  • Have users been trained and documented in fall protection?

  • Has fall protection equipment been inspected prior to use?
    Safety harness
    Anchor points

  • Is impalement protection in place?

  • Are floor and wall openings protected, covered, and marked?
    Are covers adequate, secured, and labelled?

  • Is protection present for changes in elevation?


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  • Is ladder free of defects?

  • Is ladder being used properly?

  • Is ladder secured?

  • Is extension ladder used on 4:1 pitch

  • Does ladder extend 3' or more above landing?

  • Is ladder a safe work distance from hazard?

  • Have slip/trip exposures on ladder been eliminated?

  • Are access/egress areas free of debris/materials?


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  • One-Call system used?

  • Surface traffic exposure?

  • Is there a competent person present?

  • Are daily inspections documented?

  • Are excavations > 20' engineered?

  • Water entering excavation?

  • Is excavation >5' deep properly sloped, benched, or shored?

  • Is a ladder present in excavation over 4' deep and within 25' of workers?

  • Spoils > 2' from edge?

  • Surface encumbrances present within 2' of edge?

  • Perimeter properly protected?

Confined Space

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  • Are atmospheric conditions being monitored?

  • Is Permit required?

  • Area secured/ signage posted?

  • Are rescue plans, emergency numbers, maps readily available?

  • Is training documentation readily available?

  • Are regular periodic inspections, including monitoring, taking place?

  • Is ventilation adequate?

  • Are electrical and/or fire hazards present?

  • Attendant/Entrant communication sufficient?

  • Is harness and extraction equipment inspected and in proper working condition?

  • Is respiratory equipment in proper working condition?

  • Is entry supervisor/ monitor present and properly trained?

Motorized Equipment

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  • Is operator working safely?

  • Is machine operating at least 20' away from overhead power lines?

  • Is proper operator protection in place (ROPS, cage, screen, etc.)?

  • Are seat belts being used?

  • Does backup alarm function properly?

  • Is fire extinguisher present with current inspection?

  • Is flag man present?

  • Is glass free of obstructions?

  • Does horn function properly?

  • Are operator training documents current and available?

  • Is daily equipment inspection form completed?


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  • Is electrical equipment properly grounded?

  • Are GFCI's being utilized?

  • Are appropriate cords being used and in good condition?
    - 3-wire type cords
    - no exposed wires, cuts in rubber
    - ground pin in place

  • Are cords protected from traffic?

  • Are energized parts and equipment protected?

  • Are LOTO procedures in use?

  • Is signage present warning of electrocution hazards? (Where applicable)

Hand and Power Tools

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  • Proper tool for the job?

  • Tool in good condition? Guards in place? Info label on tool?

  • Cord in good condition? Ground prong in place? GFCI's in use?

  • Auto shut-off/ safety switches operational?

  • Anti-whip attached to pressurized lines?

  • Strain relief functioning properly?

  • Proper PPE? (face shield, chaps, gloves, etc.)

Manual Material Handling

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  • Proper lifting technique? (Lifting in "power zone," no twisting, no over-reaching)

  • No manual lift over 50 lbs

  • Lifts over 50 lbs get aid or assistance

  • Use of mechanical aid? (if applicable)

  • Clear and planned path?


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  • Hard hats

  • Safety glasses (goggles where applicable)

  • Face shields

  • Hearing protection

  • Respiratory protection

  • Appropriate clothing for the task (hi-vis, chaps, fire retardant, etc.)

  • Gloves

  • Work boots

  • Visitor PPE available?

Fire Protection

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  • Extinguishers charged and inspections current?

  • Extinguishers at least 25' from fuel station, not more than 75'?

  • Temporary fuel station properly protected (signs, barricades, ground pin, locks, etc)?

  • Flammables stored properly (vented, labelled, containers 25' away from other unlike flammables)?

  • Flammables stored away from structures?

  • Clear access for emergency vehicles, hydrants?


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  • First Aid equipment onsite and accessible?

  • Is trailer access/egress hazard free?

  • Are sanitary facilities available, adequate, and clean?

  • Is an adequate supply of drinking water available?

  • Are slip, trip, and fall hazards present in or around work areas?

  • Is material storage adequate and utilized properly?

  • Is trash collected in protected containers?


  • Is there an individual certified in first aid/CPR onsite?

  • Is there a first aid kit available onsite?

  • Are emergency numbers posted?

  • Are project emergency/crisis management plans available/posted?

  • Are safety team numbers available/posted?

  • Is a map to medical facility available/posted?

  • Is eyewash available?


  • Are employees trained?

  • Site specific SDS (MSDS) available?

  • Copy of program readily available?

  • Containers properly labelled and inventory listed?


  • Are airborne contaminants properly controlled/eliminated?

  • Is HazMat storage, use, and disposal adequate/appropriate?

  • Is spill containment adequate/appropriate?

  • Is concrete cut wet and/or vacuumed?

  • Is nuisance dust controlled/ eliminated?

  • Is SWPPP plan available?

Site/Public Protection

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  • Are excavations properly protected?

  • Is falling object/overhead protection in place?

  • Are perimeter fences installed?

  • Are barricades installed properly?

  • Is adequate lighting available?

  • Is public protection signage necessary/present?

  • Is traffic control plan in place?

  • Is street closure properly identified?

  • Is a company rep. present?

  • Is security system in place?


  • Documentation of corrective actions taken since last audit?

  • OSHA Posters posted/OSHA 300 log available?

  • State/Fed. posters posted in English/Spanish?

  • Safety manual readily available?

  • Trench box tabulated data readily available?

  • Orientations conducted/completed?

  • Has a JHA been submitted for each trade?

  • Are frequent/regular safety inspections taking place?

  • Are subs OSHA 30 certified?

  • Is SDS (MSDS) manual readily available?

  • Are Toolbox talks being conducted and recorded weekly?

  • Are Pre-con meetings documented?

  • Is visitor sign in form available and up to date?


  • Fire extinguisher present; properly charged, inspected?

  • Are flash arresters present on torches?

  • Is flash protection available?

  • Are gauges working and adjusted properly?

  • Is burn permit in use and properly filled out?

  • Are bottles upright, capped, and properly secured?

  • Are torch hoses in good condition?

  • Is proper PPE in use (FR clothing, gloves, burning shield, safety glasses)?

  • Is welding machine properly ventilated?

  • Are welding leads in good condition?

  • Are unused cylinders stored properly?

Aerial Lifts

  • Are operator training records readily available including fall protection training?

  • Are PFAS (Personal Fall Arrest Systems) in use during operation?

  • Is gate or chain secured?

  • Is lift operating on stable surface?

  • Is operating surface free of holes, sudden changes in elevation?

  • Are safe work distances addressed and maintained?

  • Is anything present in basket to increase workers height (box, bucket, stool, etc)?

  • Is equipment loaded properly (not to exceed manufacturers weight limit including operator, tools, and equipment)?

Cranes and Hoisting Equipment

  • Annual inspection current?

  • Are operator, signaler/rigger training records readily accessible?

  • Is crane properly supported and level?

  • Are safe work distances from power lines being adhered to?

  • Fire extinguisher present; properly charged, inspected?

  • Is a lift plan on file, readily accessible?

  • Is the proper load chart posted?

  • Are outriggers properly extended, supported, cribbed?

  • Are loads properly rigged by trained, certified rigger?

  • Does operator appear competent, comfortable?

  • Has the weight of the load been field verified?

  • Has rigging been properly rated and inspected?

  • Are safety latches present and being used?

  • Has swing radius been properly barricaded?

  • Are tag lines being used properly?

  • Are effective means of communication in use?

  • Is anti-two block device in place and working properly?

  • Is boom angle indicator in place and working properly?

  • Is operator's manual present in crane?

  • Are daily inspections performed and current?


  • Is a competent person present?

  • Are scaffolds inspected daily and documented?

  • Are scaffold user training records readily available?

  • Are all appropriate guard rails in place?

  • Are all wheels locked?

  • Are compatible components used?

  • Are outriggers necessary and installed properly?

  • Are bracing and pins placed properly?

  • Is scaffold properly secured to structure?

  • Is proper access to platforms present?

  • Is proper height to base ratio maintained?

  • Are materials being loaded properly?

  • Have safe work distances been addressed and maintained?

  • Are sills, plates, and jacks properly installed?

  • Is work surface in safe condition?


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