• Document No.

  • Task Observed

  • Type of Observation

  • Worker

  • Workplace

  • Equipment Used

  • Area Supervisor

  • Observed By

  • Role

  • Conducted on


  • Was We Care Card filled out properly?

  • Does a Policy and/or Procedure exist for this task?

  • Was a copy provided to the worker?

  • If NO, should a procedure be developed?

  • Was the PPE adequate and in conformity with all applicable Policies and Procedures or standards?

  • Was it worn properly?

  • Was a Pre-Op completed and filled out properly?

  • Were all the practices in conformity with all applicable standards for this task?

  • Did the worker perform the task with adequate skills?

  • What is the recommended follow up action?

  • Has there been a Risk Assessment of this job done?

  • Should there be a Risk Assessment done?

Golden Rules

  • Is the worker following all GOLDEN RULES applicable to this task?

  • Driving

  • Ground Stability

  • Lifting, Rigging, and Hoisting

  • Energy Isolation

  • Working at Heights

  • Hazardous Substances

  • Permit to Work

  • Protective Devices & Guarding

  • Personal Protective Equipment

  • Fit for Work


  • Did the worker have any concerns? If YES, please explain.

  • Hazards identified and addressed? If not addressed, explain.

  • Is another Task Observation necessary relatively soon?

  • Describe all conditions or practices that could lead to an accident or material damage:

Review / Sign Off

  • Worker

  • Supervisor

  • Exploration Manager

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