• Project / Job Name

  • Foreman

  • Department

  • Branch Office

  • Conducted on

  • Auditor

General Jobsite Safety

  • Health and Safety Manual

  • Claims Packets

  • First Aid Kit

  • Expiration Date of Kit

  • Weekly Toolbox Talk reviewed

  • Reviewed onsite

  • This weeks TBT Topic:

  • Fire Extinguishers available if needed

  • Medcor Programmed into Company Phones

  • If no company phones; stickers and/or poster visible

  • Lean Trucks - Would the foreman feel comfortable giving the area manager / operations manager a ride in his truck?

Specific Jobsite Safety

  • Daily Huddle completed

  • Daily Huddle Documented

  • Stretching Routine completed

  • PPE - Hardhats, Safety Glasses, Work Boots worn by all employees?

  • Additional PPE required or worn by employees:

  • Electrical - cords in good condition?

  • GFCI in use

  • Cords taped for appropriate quarter

  • Fall Protection - in place?

  • Holes covered

  • Guardrails in good condition

  • Harnesses / tie-off points provided and in good condition

  • Ladders - work completed from ladders performed safely?

  • Inspected before use

  • Stickers in good condition?

  • Lifts - work completed using aerial lifts performed safely

  • Pre-use lift inspection performed and documented?

  • Hand Tools - in good condition

  • No Cheaters

  • No Cracked Handles

  • Material Handling - carts in use to transport materials

  • Rigging / slings in good condition

  • Material Storage - Neat and in order? Good Housekeeping?

Loss Prevention / Risk Management


  • Discussed "Never work on Live Systems" and "Trust but verify" with field

  • Sure-off Tester is available

Work Start

  • Signed Agreement in place (contract, work order, signed PO with terms, etc.)

  • Control Valve is shut

  • Main Drain is open

  • Trapped water drained

  • Owner/Occupant property covered or removed from work area

Review w/ crew for work end

  • Clean up work area

  • Test with air before water

  • Turn on water in small increments / check work area for leaks

  • Service Work Ticket?

  • Obtain 2nd Signature

  • Circle "in-service" or "out of service"

  • If system will be left out of service get owner/occupant to sign Deactivation Authorization Notice

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