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Please add any additional information that pertains to this specific job task.

STEP 1 Remove back side sheeting


  • None

  • New hazard?

Safe Work Procedures/PPE for Step 1

  • Remove screws

STEP 2 Remove anchor bolts and connectors bolts


  • Noise
    Potential for frame to fall

  • New hazard?

Safe Work Procedures/PPE for Step 2

  • Recommended use of ear plugs
    Have co-worker assist in steadying the frame

STEP 3 Carry away frame


  • Heavy
    Hard on hands

Safe Work Procedures/PPE for Step 3

  • Use enough man power
    Wear gloves



Safe Work Procedures/PPE for Step 4

Job Site and Task Checklist

  • Are permits required? ( hot work, confined spaces, etc. )

  • Is special training needed ( forklift, lift, etc)

  • Can weather conditions affect safety?

  • Is lighting a problem?

  • Are you in contact with acids or toxic products? ( MSDS)

  • Will there be exposure to dust, fumes or mist? ( MSDS)

  • Is the employee working with sharp or rough materials that require PPE?

  • Can the worker slip, trip or fall?

  • Do tools, machines or equipment present any hazards?

  • Can any body part get caught in, struck by, or caught between objects? This includes hands. Think before you reach.

  • Can pushing, pulling, lifting, bending or twisting cause strain?<br>

  • Is there a danger of falling objects?

  • Is excessive noise or vibration a problem?

  • Are there flammable, explosive or electrical hazards?

  • Any fall arrest hazards?


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