The purpose of this SOP entails the following:
- To prepare all mise en place consistently and in a timely manner, in order to facilitate efficient service delivery.
- To maintain a safe, hygienic environment at all times in accordance with all relevant legislation and regulations.
- To carry out all closing duties efficiently and effectively at all times, to ensure the safety and security of personnel, the premises, and stock.

Scope of Work

This standard operating procedure intends to guide food service employees in covering the following duties:
1. Kitchen Preparation
2. Kitchen Hygiene
3. Kitchen Closing

Preparation for Kitchen Service

All kitchen personnel meet the expected requirements of personal hygiene and wear the correct uniform and safety clothes

Chefs are familiar with the preparation for the different dishes

Chefs are familiar with all the equipment needed in preparation

All chefs are briefed prior to each shift and are clear on their duties and responsibilities for service

Food production personnel are fully competent in the preparation of the required dishes

They adhere to all hygiene and safety procedures at all times

Their work area is clean and tidy at all times

They assemble all appropriate ingredients in advance to ensure efficiency and work productivity

Initial preparations are completed efficiently and items are stored correctly until required

Crockery is correct, clean, polished and not damaged

Senior chef leads kitchen service from the pass

All orders are dictated to by the chef

Every dish is checked by the senior chef before leaving the pass for presentation, quality and portion accuracy

Equipment is kept in a clean and safe state at all times

Dishwashing machines are checked for cleanliness before use and maintained

Water is changed at least twice a day and is at the correct temperature at all times

Correct quantities of detergent and rinse aid are safely used

Waste disposal facilities are effectively used

Waiting staff correctly and safely clear, stack and sort crockery, cutlery and glasses

Breakages are recorded and careless breakages are noted and action taken

Kitchen Hygiene

Employees adhere to all relevant hygiene regulations at all times, wear a full, clean uniform and have a fresh, well-groomed personal appearance

Employees do not wear nail varnish or jewelry in the kitchen

Employees treat and cover all cuts

Employees wash and sterilize their hands, as often as is required

Daily, weekly, monthly and deep cleaning schedules for all kitchen areas are displayed and adhered to

Designated personnel are allocated to monitor cleaning standards on a daily basis

Regulatory checks, controls, and records are maintained

All refrigeration, cooking and holding temperatures are monitored as required

All food is prepared and served in line with defined requirements

Only designated cleaning cloths and materials are used

All equipment is handled and stored in line with defined requirements

The correct method is followed for waste storage and disposal

Kitchen Closing Procedures

All fridges and storage areas are left in a clean, tidy manner

Floors are thoroughly cleaned and mopped

All sinks are empty and cleaned and the wash-up area is closed

All food preparation and production areas are cleaned

All rubbish is removed and disposed of correctly

Only the correct cloths and cleaning materials are used for cleaning

All chopping boards are cleaned and sterilized

All kitchen equipment is safely and correctly cleaned and stored in the correct place

All used cloths are removed to the laundry and cleaning agents stored correctly

All food items are correctly covered, labeled and placed in the appropriate fridge/storage areas

All fridges are working and operating at the correct temperatures

All fridges and storage areas are locked

All gas equipment is switched off

Hot plates and salamanders are turned off

Fat fryers are turned off and covered

Power points are disconnected, where necessary

Extraction fan is switched off

Any deviations are identified and rectified

Heating, lighting, and ventilation is attended to as appropriate

Final security check of doors and windows is carried out and alarms are set, as required

All appropriate access doors are locked and the keys are deposited at reception



Overall Assessment

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Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.