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Section A - Were Safety Procedures followed Satisfactorily?

  • Was a hard hat worn while working with the ladder?

  • Was the ladder properly inspected before use to confirm it is in good working condition?

  • Did the individual verify that the soles of his/her boots were clean to maximize traction to avoid slipping?

  • Was the 3 Points-of-Contact method properly used when climbing the ladder?

  • Did the individual face the ladder when moving up and down it?

  • Was the Ladder Properly setup? 75 Degree angle?

  • Before climbing did the technician check the ladder's stability?

  • Did the technician extend the ladder 3 rungs above the point of support (rooftop)?

  • Was the ladder properly tied down to prevent any movement?

  • Did the technician properly inspect the roofs surface before climbing onto the roof?

  • Does the individual clearly understand that the Little Giant Type ladder can only be used in step ladder configuration - can not be fully extended?

Section B - Does the New Hire/Technician demonstrate the ability to properly use a Ladder for his/her job duties?

  • Can the individual remove the ladder from the ladder rack on the vehicle then place it back onto the vehicle?

  • Can the individual handle (carry) the ladder during transport to the work area?

  • Can the individual safely/effectively set the ladder up into proper position at the work area?

  • Can the individual safely and successfully climb onto the rooftop from the ladder?

  • Does the individual exhibit any fear of heights or express to you his/her possible fear of heights?

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