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  • Is emergency signage installed, legible and free from vandalism ?

  • Are the lifts in good clean working order ?

  • Is the emergency phone line checked weekly?

  • Service provider/ next due service date?

Common area lights

  • Are all lights operational and fit for purpose?

  • Can a more efficient light be used?

  • How many light globes have been replaced this month?


  • Are all security doors operating as designed?

  • Are all CCTV systems working correctly?

Auto Entry/Exit Doors

  • Service provider / last service date?

Swimming Pool Area Level 9

  • Has the swimming pool been serviced and fit for purpose?

  • Is the swimming pool area signage in place?

  • Is the swimming pool area clean and fit for purpose?

  • Is the swimming pool heater operational?

  • Swimming pool heater last service date?

  • Is the common area toilet clean and fit for purpose?

Emergency Equipment

  • Have all emergency lights been tested in the past six months?

  • Have all fire detection devices been tested this month?

  • Have all fire sprinkler systems been tested this month?

  • Have all fire hydrants, fire hose reels, fire extinguishers and fire doors been tested in the past 6 months?

Paths of Travel

  • Are all entry/exit doors and fire stairs free from trip hazards and debris?


  • Has the roof access equipment been tested and certified in the past 12 months?

  • Have all roof gutters and downpipes been cleaned in the past six months?

Hot Water Services

  • Have the hot water services been inspected weekly?

  • Service provider / last service date?


  • Have sump pumps been inspected weekly?

  • Have all sump pumps been serviced in the past 6 months?

  • Have storm water pits been inspected in the past six months?

Basement carpark

  • Is basement car park in good clean order?

  • Are all lights working correctly?

  • Have all car parks fan been tested in the last six months?

  • Are all roller door operating correctly?

  • Service provider / have the roller doors been serviced in the last six months?

External Parking

  • Is the parking area in good clean order?

Garden area

  • Are the gardens free of weeds and litter?

General cleaning

  • Is the General overall cleaning being met as per contract?

Garbage Area

  • Are all general waste and recycling bins clearly marked and in good condition?

  • Is the garbage enclosure clean and odour free?

  • Is lighting adequate and operational?

Bin Lifter

  • Is the bin lifter charged and operational?

  • Bin Lifter last service date?

Body Corporate Mailbox

  • Has the mailbox been checked on a weekly basis?

Building Defects

Major Activity/works completed

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