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  • Site conducted

  • Landscape inspection

  • Location (Area/Building)

  • Select date

  • Prepared by


  • Landscape areas free of litter

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  • Paved area clean, free of weeds, grass clipping and turn marks

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  • Correct mowing height, frequency and blade sharpness. No scalping, uneven cuts or ruts

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  • 85% Weed Free, Good health and vigor. No Bare spots evident

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  • Appropriate use of string trimmer

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  • No dead or dying plant material visible

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  • Beds Weed Free

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  • Sufficient Mulch Present

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  • Pruned to maintain appropriate size

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  • Paved area clean and free of weeds

  • Site furnishings (Post and Chain, Trash barrels, Bike racks, Benches, Bus Shelters, Railings, Signs, Maps, Etc.) are Clean, Safe, Functioning, and/or in Good Appearance

  • Posts, fences, and walls straight and free of wheel marks, trimmer damage

  • Lighting not obstructed by foliage or mulch

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