Title Page

  • Document No.

  • Name of Client

  • Name of Person being Review

  • Year being Reviewed

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by person doing Review

  • Date of Engagement Letter


  • Has an engagement letter been obtained within the last 5 years?

  • Was the last Law Society Examiners report satisfactory?

  • Is there any conflict of interest with this client?

  • Fraud risk? Changes of staff, lack of experience of staff.

  • Fraud Risk? Changes in systems business practice, unusual transactions

  • Have all other risks of fraud been identified?
  • Description of risk

  • Have you reviewed the compliance history of the practice?

  • Rate the internal controls of the practice

Client Profile

  • Have you reviewed the prior year audit file?

  • Contact Names

  • Contact phone number

  • Address

  • Details Practitioners

  • Licensee
  • Partner/Principal

  • Period Start Date

  • Period End Date

  • Trust Account Detail
  • ADI Name

  • Account Name

  • Branch

  • BSB

  • Account Number

  • Open/Closed

  • Balance

  • Other Trust Monies (Selected)
  • Type of Trust Monies

  • ADI Name

  • Account Name

  • Branch

  • BSB

  • Account Number

  • Open/Closed

  • Balance

  • Comments

Bank Details

  • Has the Trust Account been Reconciled Monthly?

  • Copy of period end reconciliation

  • Number of matters with balances

  • Number of matters with Nil balances

  • Bank confirmation prepared?

  • Have you prepared request for copies of paid cheques?

a Trust Records

    Dormant Trust Accounts
  • Matter Number

  • Last Transaction Date

  • Amount

  • Comments

  • Total of dormant trust Accounts

b Computer System Controls

  • Authorised software being used

  • Enter version number

c Sample of Matters

  • Sample test of client matters

  • Contract
  • Name of client and matter number

  • Details of commissions, rebates, discounts

  • Are any solicitors' fees supported by invoices

  • Do all trust account transactions have proper support and client authorisation?

d Controlled Monies

  • Does the Practice have controlled monies?

  • Total of controlled monies?

  • Number of ledger acounts?

  • Have you agreed to reconciliation and bank statements at year end?

  • Comment on any unusual matters

e Other Trust Monies

  • Does the Practice have any other trust monies?

  • Have you reviewed the ledgers for other trust monies?

  • Have balances in trust ledgers been reconciled to bank statements?

  • Have bank statements been reviewed?

  • Comment on any unusual matters

f Checklist

  • Has the Law Society checklist been completed with the bookkeeper?

  • Comments


  • Has the bank confirmation been received and agreed?

  • Have copies of paid cheques been received and agreed?

  • Details of breaches

  • Breach
  • Particulars of breach

  • Are you in a position to complete the External Examiners Report?

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