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  • Are safety signs posted at entrance to location?

  • Is company vehicle in fall line of lubricator?

  • Are warning signs clear and visible?

  • Has operation area been marked off ( No Go Zone)?

  • Are work areas clean and free of trip hazards?

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General Safety

  • Are all team members CPR/ First aid certified?

  • Has JSEA been completed?

  • Are all team members wearing the appropriate PPE?

  • Is the first aid kits available and in stock?

  • Are emergency numbers posted in the cab of unit?

  • Are LOTO devices available?

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Fire Protection

  • Are all flammable stored properly in approved containers?

  • Are all fire extinguishers serviceable?

  • Are all fire extinguishers properly located on unit?

  • Are all smoking rules enforced on location?

  • Are proper spark and heat arrestors installed on exhaust?

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Carrier Inspection

  • What is the general condition of the rig cab?

  • Are hand rails installed on steps?

  • Are walkways free of slip, trips and falls?

  • Are wheels chocked off?

  • What are the condition of the tires?

  • Are tanks properly labeled?

  • Are service brakes (road) set and secured?

  • Are there any leaks identified on carrier?

  • Are road brakes operational?

  • Is suspension in good condition with no visible damage?

  • Are turn signals operational?

  • Are brake lights operational?

  • Are marker lights operational?

  • Are headlights operational and in working condition?

  • Are windshield wipers operational?

  • Is windshield damaged on unit?

  • Are there any leaks in the cab?

  • Are side mirrors damaged on unit?

  • Are tool boxes and compartment doors operational?

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Hand Tools and Power Tools

  • Are hand tools in good condition?

  • Are hand tools clean?

  • Are all tools stored properly in compartments?

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Hoisting Applications

  • Are swabbing sheaves operational?

  • Are all sheaves in good condition?

  • Are all retainer pins in place and in good condition?

  • Are all guards in place?

  • Are lifting hooks in good condition with safety latches in place?

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Wire Rope Inspections

  • Are there any visible bends or kinks in the line?

  • Are there any flat spots on the line?

  • Is there any signs of birdcage on wire rope?

  • Are there any broken strands observed on any lays?

  • Is there any massive rust or corrosion observed on wire rope?

  • Is there any other visible damage observed on the wire rope?

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Mast Structure and Sub Structure

  • Is the mast lift cylinder in good condition with no leaks?

  • Is metal fatigue or cracks observed on the mast hinge pin?

  • Is the mast hydraulic system free of any leaks?

  • Are the safety retainer in use on the mast hinge pin?

  • Are all tools secured when in use on elevated positions?

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