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  • Employee's opinion NYX in general

  • Signature of audited

  • Employee's opinion NYX in general

  • Signature of audited

  • Employee's opinion NYX in general


  • Verify the QPR log /Fast response board for the following information-<br><br>-Updated with both customer and significant internal issues, <br>-Completion date, and actual status of the issue updated(Red, Yellow and Green)<br>-Issues should not be open too long, because of no feed back<br>-Verify implementation of the actions, and related documents updated for ex-Dynamic control plan, BOM, Error proofing matrix, process set up sheet, read across matrix for atleast one customer issue

  • Verify Monthly material management review document updated, and action plan. See Manager for Mgmt Review file access

  • Verify Quality management review document updated with action plan if required. See Manager for Mgmt Review file access

  • Verify Operational management review document updated with action plan if required. See Manager for Mgmt Review file access

  • Verify Maintenance management review document updated with action plan if required. See Manager for Mgmt Review file access

  • Verify the Master Job list updated with correct information for the audited job. Located under Quality folder "Document Control" on Sharepoint

  • Verify HR management review document updated with action plan if required. See Manager for Mgmt Review file access

  • Verify Operator is trained on the current revision of operator instruction for the audited job (Training matrix, training records)

  • Verify level 1 audit is completed as per defined frequency (1 per shift), and any nonconformance's are documented on the back side of the form

  • Verify level 2 audit, Product audit is completed as per the defined schedule (1 per week) and nonconformance's are documented on the bottom of the sheet

  • Verify layered audit nonconformance's are closed with appropriate action plan

  • Verify the PPAP status and Eng. Change level of the audited job.

  • Verify ECN log is updated. See Document Controller

Work Station Specific

  • House keeping: Plant walk through to verify plant cleanliness inside and outside. Are aisles clear? Oil in the floor? Plastic pellets on the floor? Part not stored on top of flammable storage cabinets.<br>

  • Verify the 5S audit is performed as per defined frequency. Verify the 5s audit report.

  • Verify employee is using appropriate PPE(Personal Protective equipment)during performing the job

  • Job book/Blue book binder present at the press with documents to the current revision level

  • Verify the current cell layout arranged as per master cell layout document in the job book .( one piece flow is followed)

  • Verify the correct material, color con. and components being used as per BOM/Control plan.<br>Also, verify the correct lot numbers documented on the FPA.

  • Verify the high risk quality focused items from delta C operations that are listed on the Dynamic control plan and operator instructions are followed(For ex: Inverted delta C)

  • Review the FPA sheet and verify all the applicable sections are completed. Verify the FPA part and FPA tag signed by appropriate personnel. Verify the quality of parts running at the press matches with the FPA part.

  • Verify the operator performing the job as per the operator instructions.

  • Does the operator know what to do in case defective parts are coming and what to do with the parts?

  • Verify the part # on the part label matches with the control plan/ master label

  • Verify any Quality Alert initiated for the job and was communicated to required operators/ personnel and available at the work station (signed off). Verify the certification is performed as per the current quality alert<br>Verify the documentation of the Quality Alert and the current revision level of the Quality Alert.

  • Verify the date wheel on the part or on the part label is correct

  • Verify the tool, fixture, Gage have customer ownership tag

  • Verify the master process set up sheet approved by process enginer and available for review

  • Verify the process verification sheet documentation is complete and for any deviations, process change log is updated and approved.

  • Verify the andons lights (if applicable) are functioning properly and verify the escalation/ alarm plan posted.

  • Verify the appropriate personnel respond to the andon lights and immediate response is implemented.

  • Verify nonconforming/Unidentified material/suspected material handled, stored and identified appropriately(Scrap or suspect parts/containers are clearly segregated from other parts)

  • Verify NCMR completed properly, Inventory on the NCMR form match to the stored in Hold area, and verify disposition staus updated both on NCMR form and log

Error Proof Verification

  • Verify the list of all error proofing devices( including location ) is available.

  • Verify all the error proofing devices are clearly identified.

  • Verify the documentation of the error proofing verification is completed as per defined frequency. Verify Fixture Verification & Process Verification sheets.

  • Verify the fixture appear to be working properly including error proofing performed.<br>

  • Verify the documented reaction plan is available for each error proofing device failure. Review Quality Inspector Daily Inspection log for reaction plan.

Packaging and Labeling

  • Verify empty containers are clean and not damaged, previous labels are removed(if applicable at the work station

  • Verify the parts are packed as per the packaging instruction, if alternate packaging used, verify the alternate packaging instructions

  • Verify the containers are labeled as per the labeling instructions, and label match to the master label

  • Verify no loose labels on the work stations

Bypass (Deviation Process)

  • In case of Bypass process-Verify the following requirements met for any time the process is altered outside the approved documented control plan, <br>-Failure modes with severity 9 and 10 not recommended to be Bypassed<br>-Standardized operator instructions established for the Bypass process<br> - Defined process control methods for Bypass process are approved by the Operations Manager (process owner), the Engineering Manager and the Quality Manager.<br>- Part status is identified for Bypass process<br>-listed on the fast response board to reduce or eliminate by pass operation.

Daily Inspection / Final Inspection / GP-12 Inspection / Gage Check

  • Verify the inspection criteria and frequency of the inspection checks match as per control plan.<br>Verify the documentation related to Daily inspection sheet /log completed properly<br>Verify inspection methods include Touch, Listen, and Count for quality checks

  • Verify the inspection area have adequate lighting

  • Verify the reaction plan appropriate for the inspection findings.

  • Verify the inspection methodology includes point, touch, listen and count etc. and check the inspection is performed as per the defined instructions.

  • Verify the Gage & Gage nest is cleaned, calibrated ( Verify the calibration/certification sticker)

  • Verify the variable /attribute gages are present, not damaged and calibrated.

  • Verify the Gage instructions are available and tolerance are defined on the control plan/gage instruction.

  • Verify the gage inspection data meets the defined tolerance

  • Verify the SPC log history for any out of tolerance( under or above tolerance). See Quality Engineer for data

  • Verify the reaction plan is documented for out of tolerance. Refer to Inspector Daily Inspection Log

  • Verify Scrap charts , GP-12 charts are updated, posted (getting worse or better)

  • Quality Concern Charts are updated, Posted in Production meeting area

  • Review the posted charts of top defects (What are the top defects and what is next issue to be worked on). Refer to CI Board


  • Verify the tool and Fixture PM completed as per the schedule

  • Verify the daily / Weekly/monthly /Quarterly PMs for machine, robot, conveyor. Thermolaters, fire extinguishers, eye wash, hilos, cranes etc. <br>Verify two PM books for completeness.

  • Verify spill kits are present as per defined on the evacuation plan

  • Verify fire exits are free and not blocked.

  • Verify Chemicals are identified, stored and handled properly as per SDS

  • Is Used Oil storage area clean and organized? - Oily rags in an empty colorant drum lined with a plastic bag and placed on a pallet? - Used oil stored on top of grated area? - Work instructions posted?

  • Is the Universal Waste Storage Area organized and all waste properly stored? Verify waste is dated and prevented from accidental damage.

  • Screw safe guarding is in place?

Storage and Receiving Inspection

  • Verify stored material, color conc., stored properly and covered to avoid contamination. And verify inspection status on Gaylord (look for QC Approved stamp)

  • Verify the material analysis certificate, Color conc. Certificate, and color Plaque available for current manufacturing material/color conc. Lot. And receiving log/CMS system/Silo log updated. See Rec Inspector.

  • Verify supplier NCMR log status for the open supplier issues. See Quality Tech

  • Verify the receiving inspection status ( red, yellow, and Green) updated, and available. See Rec Inspector

  • Verify components, WIP are stored as per the identified rows, No Damaged boxes, and FIFO is followed


  • Verify the finished goods are stored properly as per the identified rows or plan, and no damaged containers.

  • Verify FIFO is followed (push/pull method) IN & OUT signs should be posted.

  • Verify containers are certified as per the quality alert (If applicable)

New Employee Audit Questions (refer to bottom of matrix for newest op)

  • Safety: is the employee wearing appropriate PPE (personal protective equipment) like safety glasses, cut proof gloves if trimming, hearing protection, hair nets (if applicable)?

  • Does the operator know the location of the first piece and purpose of the first piece? (First piece should be used as a reference for any quality concerns)

  • Is the operator performing the job as per operator instructions and do they know where their instructions are? (Review 5 parts being built to see if operator is building in sequence to the Operator Instruction)

  • Does the employee know what to do in case of fire? (Ask questions and verify if they know where the nearest exit is and evacuation assembly area is)

  • Does the employee know what to do in case of tornado? (Ask questions and verify if they know where the nearest evacuation assembly area is)

  • Does the employee know what to do if there is a spill? (Ask them what do they do if a spill occurs that they cannot contain, supposed to notify supervisor)

  • Does the operator know what to do in case defective parts are running and what to do with the defective parts? (Turn the red andon light on if 3 parts in a row or 5/hr and place defective parts in the red bin)

Signature of Auditor

  • Signature of Auditor at completion of audit

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