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Work Station Specific

  • House keeping: Plant walk through to verify plant cleanliness inside and outside. Are aisles clear? Oil in the floor? Plastic pellets on the floor? Part not stored on top of flammable storage cabinets.<br>

  • Verify the shift hand over documentation is completed on a timely basis.

  • Verify the 5S audit is performed as per defined frequency. Verify the 5s audit report.

  • Verify employee is using appropriate PPE(Personal Protective equipment)during performing the job

  • Job book/Blue book binder present at the press with documents to the current revision level

  • Verify the current cell layout arranged as per master cell layout document in the job book .( one piece flow is followed)

  • Verify the correct material, color con. and components being used as per BOM/Control plan.<br>Also, verify the correct lot numbers documented on the FPA.

  • Verify the high risk quality focused items from delta C operations that are listed on the Dynamic control plan and operator instructions are followed(For ex: Inverted delta C)

  • Review the FPA sheet and verify all the applicable sections are completed. Verify the FPA part and FPA tag signed by appropriate personnel. Verify the quality of parts running at the press matches with the FPA part.

  • Verify the operator performing the job as per the operator instructions.

  • Does the operator know what to do in case defective parts are coming and what to do with the parts?

  • Verify the part # on the part label matches with the control plan/ master label

  • Verify any Quality Alert initiated for the job and was communicated to required operators/ personnel and available at the work station (signed off). Verify the certification is performed as per the current quality alert<br>Verify the documentation of the Quality Alert and the current revision level of the Quality Alert.

  • Verify the date wheel on the part or on the part label is correct

  • Verify the tool, fixture, Gage have customer ownership tag

  • Verify the master process set up sheet approved by process enginer and available for review

  • Verify the process verification sheet documentation is complete and for any deviations, process change log is updated and approved.

  • Verify the andons lights (if applicable) are functioning properly and verify the escalation/ alarm plan posted.

  • Verify the appropriate personnel respond to the andon lights and immediate response is implemented.

  • Verify nonconforming/Unidentified material/suspected material handled, stored and identified appropriately(Scrap or suspect parts/containers are clearly segregated from other parts)

  • Verify NCMR completed properly, Inventory on the NCMR form match to the stored in Hold area, and verify disposition staus updated both on NCMR form and log

Signature of Auditor

  • Signature of Auditor at completion of audit

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