Title Page

  • Audit Description

  • Conducted on

  • Auditee (Analyst)

  • Was this 4SC re-inspection undertaken following on from non conforming work?

  • Was the re-inspection satisfactory?

  • Auditor

  • Project manager responsible for 4SC works

  • Template revision number and name

Audit Details & Summary

  • Was this re-inspection undertaken when the analyst was still present on site or after?

  • Client

  • Site address

  • Job number

  • Asbestos removal contractor

  • Scope of removal works

  • Acceptance of audit findings

  • Auditor

  • Auditee

Re-inspection assessment (HSG248/LAB30)

  • Is the re-inspection being completed on the same day as the original works?

  • Is / was the original analyst qualified and approved to complete the type of works undertaken?

  • Description of works/areas to be assessed

  • Was the correct number of samples taken for the size of the enclosure?

  • Were samples placed appropriately based on layout and location of removed ACM to avoid dead spots etc in accordance with HSG 248?

  • Former enclosure and equipment has been dismantled and the work area and immediate surroundings are visibly free from any asbestos debris, enclosure materials and waste?

  • Former transit/waste route and area is free from any visible asbestos debris, enclosure materials and waste?

  • Any known ACM's within the work area left in a safe condition?

  • Does the site drawing reflect site layout and any remaining ACM's marked up correctly?

  • Photographs of former work area, transit/waste routes

  • Notes: General observations of areas reinspected

  • Are further site re-inspections required on the analyst?

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