Title Page

  • Title of audit

  • Vehicle registration number

  • Vehicle make/model

  • Colour

  • Mileage

  • Reason for vehicle audit

  • Conducted on

  • Drivers name

  • Add signature

  • Line Managers/Auditors Name

  • Add signature

  • Template Revision Number and Name

Vehicle Audit Details

  • General comments on condition of vehicle

  • Are there any warning lights showing on start up? (e.g tyre pressure, service etc)

  • Fuel card available?

  • Is the dash cam security seal intact? Record dash cam ID number

  • First aid kit available

  • Car driver's handbook available?

  • Accident form available?

  • Fuel level

  • Oil level (Check dipstick)

Tyre checks - Check with tread gauge. Check tyres are above the legal limit of 1.6mm. This must be checked across the central three quarters of the breadth of the tyre and around the full circumference.

  • Near side front above 1.6mm?

  • Near side rear above 1.6mm?

  • Off side front above 1.6mm?

  • Off side rear above 1.6mm?

  • Are all the lights in good working order. - Check the full sequence of lights Headlights – front and rear, fog lights, indicators-front and rear and hazards, reversing lights, brake lights.

  • Are the plastic covers which are in place over the light connections in the boot in good condition? Check for damaged or dents. If they are missing please note this and advise the Transport department immediately so this can be remedied

  • Any asbestos waste in the vehicle bagged & appropriately sealed?

  • Is there any evidence of smoking in the vehicle (Including e-cigarettes & vaporizers)

  • Is the vehicle in a clean state inside and outside?

  • Record details of last service date and where if applicable

For Vans Only

  • Fire extinguisher present? Record details of next service due date (Annual inspection)

  • Bulk head present

Vehicle Condition

  • Is there any damage to the car? If Yes record on diagram and take photographs

  • Complete the relevant diagram for the type of vehicle.
    Key: M - Missing, C - Chipped, X - Scratch, O - Dent, W - Worn

  • Add drawing

  • Photographs of damage if applicable

Photographs Required

  • Front Angle Showing the Registration Plate and All The Front

  • Drivers side showing the full length of the vehicle from front and rear

  • Rear angle showing the boot closed and another one showing the boot open showing interior

  • Passenger side showing the full length of the vehicle from the front and rear

  • General picture of the whole car from front and back - taken around 45 degrees from the car

  • Interior front and rear

  • Photo of the dashboard with the engine on to see mileage and any warning lights etc

  • Plastic covers which are in place over the light connections in the boot

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