• Glass Case

  • Swim Team fliers and marketing materials available to take?

  • Head Coach has business cards available to take?

  • Banner is up and easily seen on indoor pool deck?

  • Backstroke flags hung over all pools used by swim team?

  • Activities Desk has up to date All Things Swim flier?

  • Account Managers have up to date All Things Swim flier?

  • 1 AQ Leadership TM can handle Swim Team questions?

  • 2 AQ Frontline TMs can "Handle or Hand-Off" Swim Team questions, and know the process of moving to swim team. (Answer must include graduating 601 level)

Program Development

  • 501/601 Conversion Rate: <3% = 0 pts. 3-4% = 3pts. 5-6% = 4 pts. >6%+ = 5 pts. Cancellation>12% = 0 pts.

  • Site Coach knows the conversion rate from lessons to swim team?

  • Regional Directive Alignment


  • Head Coach has updated workout logs, season plans, and group training plans

  • COGS is up to date; All payments run immediately

  • Online attendance is up to date and accurate via MainSet or OnDeck (1 pt. for every day preceding the day of the audit, up to 10 days)

  • Monthly Attendance Reports by group are sent to parents

  • Swimmers' Information is up to date on TU and is correct

  • All participants' USA Swimming registrations are up to date

  • All Coach certifications are up to date
    (If not, coach must be removed from the pool deck immediately)

  • Learning Well Modules are complete >95% = 5 pts. 90-94% = 4 pts. 85-89% = 3 pts. <85% = 0 pts.

Member Experience

  • % of Swimmers that participated in USA sanctioned meets last season >49% = 1 pt. 50-69% = 2 pts. 70-84% = 3 pts. 85-100% = 4 pts.

  • 3 Parents rate Swim Team experience 1-10 9-10 = 1 pt. 7-8 = .5

  • Parents are receiving emails through TU

  • Parents understand how to register for meets

  • There is a consistent coach every practice

Coach Eval

Beginning of Practice

  • Is the coach on deck 15 minutes prior to the start of practice to set up & speak to parents?

  • Is the coach in proper LTF Swim Team Uniform?

  • Does the coach have a daily workout available to see?

  • Is practice starting on time?

During Practice

  • Is the coach engaging with the swimmers?

  • Is the coach maintaining control of the swimmers during practice with minimal interruptions for behavior?

  • Is the coach actively correcting the swimmers' technique during practice?

  • Is the coach using positive reinforcement to work with the swimmers?

  • Is the coach using drills and technical development during practice?

  • Is the coach demonstrating or explaining the strokes, sets, and drills?

  • Is the coach walking the deck in order to observe the swimmers during practice?

After Practice

  • Is the coach ending practice on time?

  • Is the coach maintaining proper supervision of swimmers post-workout? (swimmer behavior on pool deck)

  • Is the coach putting away swim team equipment?

  • Has attendance been taken for all practice groups?

  • Is the coach available to swimmers and parents for at least 15 minutes after practice?

  • Were the swimmers wearing Life Time Swim approved attire? (No opposing team caps, no swimming trunks or shirts)

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