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  • Date:

  • Location:

  • Stope:

  • Level:

  • Supervisor:

Post Blast Inspection

  • Is the vent and ground clear completed?

  • Is the blast disconnected?

  • Are open holes safely barricaded?

  • Is the lead wire disconnected and coiled up?

  • Is the heading washed and scaled?

  • Are all barricades in place?

  • Are sil nuts required?

  • Are they installed properly?

  • Have all holes loaded been initiated?

  • Are pre-loaded holes visible and up to company standards? Are signs posted?

  • Is there any reminent powder of cord in heading?

  • Will blow piping be required for next blast?

  • Are smart shot boxes returned to surface and on charge?

  • Any rehab required prior to next blast?

  • Any further work to be completed in heading?

  • Any Abnormal Conditions:

  • Cell Supervisor:

  • Boart Supervisor:

  • Planner:

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