• Name of Mine Site

  • Workplace/Stope Location:

  • Date Inspected:

  • Date Required:

  • Date Stope Prep. Completed:

Job Site Inspection Sheet


  • Is Air Pressure and Volume in good condition?

  • Is a Water Trap required?

  • Are Water Pressure and Volume up to standard?

  • Are Headers Close Enough with Proper Fittings?

  • Are Slide/Bucket/Ladders in good condition?

  • Is Ventilation up to standard?

  • Is there Suitable Power Supply (Poper Ground Fault)?

  • Are Communications up to standard?


  • Access to work area safe?

  • Immediate work area safe? Scaled?

  • Communication Installed?

  • Adequate ground support?


  • Are Prints and Layouts up to standard?

  • Are Lines Marked Up correctly?

  • Adequate Drift Height

  • What is the height?

  • Aqequate Drift Width

  • What is the width?


  • Clean floor? / Level?

  • How much muck on floor?

  • Casing needed?

  • Long steel for collaring upholes?

  • "PAD" required for back height?

  • Burm required for back height?

  • Drilling material required?

  • Bulkheads, Fencing, Signs in Place

  • Cell Supervisor:

  • Boart Supervisor:

  • Cell Planner:

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