ATC will prepare for LVP's whenever any of the following conditions occur: 1. The reported Met visibility is 2000m or less 2. The cloud base is 300ft or less 3. Fog in the vicinity (VCFG) is reported.

Inform BIA Operations via the direct line to "Prepare for LVP's"

OFZ Secure

Confirm category of 25 ILS with DEO (ext 4266 / 02894422162). When Engineering is unmanned, the category can be confirmed from the IRVR or ADIS

Select required lighting services

Inform RFFS via telephone of preparation for LVP's and initiate Bad Weather Standby

Ensure that at least 10nm of the final approach track to the runway in use is displayed

Check IRVR is serviceable, if not, initiate manual RVR observations

Inform JHFNI Ops

Confirm with the Watch Manager that all of the above procedures have been complied with and that LVP's can commence when necessary

All ATCO's are to annotate in the Aerodrome Control Log when:
1. OFZ is secured / de-secured. 2. LVP's are on / off. 3. Standby Gens are on / off


ATC LVP's will commence when: 1. The RVR/Met visibility decreases to 800m or less and/or 2. The cloud ceiling is less than 200ft

The "ATC Action, Preparing for LVP's" has been completed

Select standby generators for 25, 17, 07 & 35. Generators MUST be on for all IFR movements

Antrim Crossing gate

Inform the ADM that all above measures have been completed and request permission to declare "LVP's in Force"

Inform DEO (when manned) of commencement of LVP's

Inform JHFNI Ops

Make a general broadcast on Tower & GMC frequency (if open) that LVP's have commenced

Inform nPC Watch Manager

Update ATIS, "LVP's are in force"

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