• Type

  • Elevation

  • Level

  • From Gridline

  • To Gridline


  • Has the curtain walling been surveyed for line and level?

  • Has the Stainless steel brackets been checked against sample brackets for quality and alignment?

  • Have the tapping threads been checked on the curtain walling for alignment and good working order?

  • Have the brackets been fitted and torqued to the correct setting?

  • Have the mullions and transoms been fixed, lined & levelled?

  • Have the gaskets been installed to schuco guidelines and glued correctly?

  • Hold point - Cladtech or Barratts sign checks

  • Glass to be inspected for imperfection and that the film is free from debris or imperfections?

  • Has the glass been checked for size, and location before installation?

  • Have the thermal break and gaskets been damaged?

  • Have the internal flashings been checked for damage or correct alignment before glass is installed?

  • Have the toggles and fixings been installed correctly to Schuco guidelines/ have the toggles been installed in the correct location to schuco spacings?

  • Has the mastic been check for colour and grade before starting?

  • Hold point - Cladtech and Barratt,s inspection.

  • Has the mastic been installed or overseen by an approved Dow Corning installer and too there guidelines?

  • Is there drainage spouts installed and in the correct locations ?

  • Is the mastic applied evenly and smooth and free from the outer face of the glass?

  • Is the stainless steel brackets away from the face 4 glass?

  • Have the brackets been re-surveyed for the bries soliel installation ?

  • Have the EPDM's been installed and sealed correctly ?

  • Add media


  • Checked on Behalf of M Price

  • Checked on Behalf of Barratt's London (Deemed Acceptable if not returned within 2 Days)

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