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Confined Spaces

  • Does Tenmat have a procedure for Entry into Confined Spaces?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

Permit to Work

  • Does Tenmat have a Permit to Work System?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

Lock Out Tag Out System

  • Does Tenmat have a Lock Out Tag Out System?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

Control of Fumes, Vapour and Dust

  • Does Tenmat control Fumes, Vapour and Dust in the workplace?

  • Is there adequate ventilation in place?

  • Further Information

  • How are control systems monitored?

  • How is the monitoring documented? Is this communicated out to all the relevant departments?

  • If there are any control systems, how are they maintained and serviced?

Control of cross contamination

  • Does Tenmat have a prohibition of eating, drinking and smoking in areas that may be contaminated by carcinogens?

  • Further Information

  • Does Tenmat have a prohibition of wearing overalls in shared areas such as a canteen?

  • Further Information

Electrical Safety

  • Does Tenmat have a Portable Appliance Testing system in place?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

  • Does Tenmat use the Residual Current Devise system?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

  • Are formal inspections of electrical installations conducted at least every 3 years to BS7671 IET Wiring Regulations & 18th Edition.

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

Gas Safety

  • Does Tenmat use Gas Safe Registered people to install gas appliances?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

  • Does Tenmat use Gas Safe Registered people to service and maintain gas appliances?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

  • How is the servicing of gas appliances documented? If so, where are these documents stored?

  • Does Tenmat have a servicing schedule for gas appliances?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

  • Does Tenmat have water sealed gasholders on site?

  • How are they serviced and maintained?

Safety Signs & Signals

  • Does Tenmat use safety signs and symbols to warn of any risk or to instruct employees of the measures they should take in relation to these risk?

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

  • What types of safety sign does Tenmat use?

  • How does Tenmat determine where safety signs should be placed?

  • How does Tenmat maintain safety signs (i.e. replace old / illegible signs etc.)?

Working Conditions

  • How does Tenmat ensure that temperature in all workplaces inside buildings shall be reasonable?

  • How does Tenmat ensure that every workplace has suitable and sufficient lighting?

  • How does the Organization ensure that every workplace's furniture, furnishings and fittings are kept sufficiently clean?

  • How does Tenmat ensure the appropriate workstations and seating for employees?

  • How does Tenmat ensure the suitable condition of floors and traffic routes?

  • Does Tenmat ensure the suitability and safety of racking?

  • How does Tenmat manage traffic routes to separate people and vehicles?

  • How does Tenmat ensure doors and gates are suitably constructed (i.e. will not fail or injure personnel and can be opened in emergencies)?

Pressure Systems

  • How does the Organization take precautions in order to avoid explosions?

  • How does Tenmat take general precautions in order to avoid fire?

Working at Height

  • How does Tenmat ensure that every operation involving working at height is appropriately supervised and carried out in a safe manner?

  • Are operators who work at height suitably trained

  • Details / Comments / Evidence

  • How does Tenmat ensure people are not injured from falling objects while working at height?

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