What is 5s

  • Sort - separate things you need from things you don't need.

    Simplify - easily access what you need, when you need it.

    Shine- keep the area clean to help identify issues.

    Standardise - make abnormalities obvious with visual controls.

    Sustain - keep to the rules.


  • 1= Poor.
    2= Acceptable.
    3= Good.
    4= Excellent.
    0= Not applicable.

Job Details

Area details

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  • All current used material ( raw/semifinished/finished) is clearly identified.

  • The area is clear of all unnecessary raw / scrap material or finished / semifinished parts.

  • The area is clear of unneeded tooling or equipment

  • All current used items are clearly identified.

  • All items are arranged in a safe, organised manner.

  • All currently used gauges, measuring instruments etc are kept in a safe, tidy manner to prevent unnecessary damage.


  • Walkways clearly defined

  • All containers/pallets in clearly defined areas.

  • Containers and there contents are clearly identified

  • All frequently used tooling, fixtures etc. stored in an appropriate area.

  • Tooling and/or designated area clearly identified

  • Currently used tooling/instruments/materials within easy reach of operator


  • All walkways and access areas clear from obstructions.

  • Walkways and surrounding areas free from oil, rubbish, waste, and spillages.

  • Equipment easily available for the control of spillages.

  • All machinery and equipment kept in a clean and well maintained state as far as is adequately possible.

  • All waste material controlled in a safe manner.

  • Tooling and equipment clean and well maintained


  • Appropriate ppe and work wear worn.

  • Working environment to a safe, acceptable standard

  • Adequate lighting provided

  • Issues are reported and actions taken

  • Sufficient safety signs and instructions available for the working area, and clearly displayed and in adequate condition.

  • Standard procedures and instructions available for the working area, and clearly displayed and in adequate condition.


  • Previous audits carried out and results clearly displayed

  • Recommendations or required actions have been implemented/ maintained since the previous audit

  • Daily/ weekly maintenance and/or cleaning schedule for the area.

  • Employee aware of all current procedures/ instructions with regards to there role / tasks.

  • Resources available to maintain 5s standard

  • 5s being maintained in the area


  • Auditees comments

  • Auditors comments



  • Auditee

  • Auditor

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