• Audit Title

  • Document No.

  • Client / Site

  • Conducted on

  • Prepared by

  • Location
  • Personnel


  • Prior Operations signed off as complete?:

  • Mini Traveler - All prior operations signed off?:<br>

  • All operation sheets present and legible?:<br>

  • Does First Piece, bubble, operation sheets, Mini traveler, main traveler and NC Program Operation revisions match?:

  • Lot Continuation form - Noted N/C program Revision match Program revision being used?:

  • Lot Continuation form - If form shows a N/C program revision change was new first piece<br>completed?:

  • Documentation Comments:

First piece Inspection Plan

  • All items complete?:

  • Any Discrepancies between Associates findings and first piece inspection findings?:

  • If above is "Yes" was it investigated?:

  • Does associate agree with inspection methods shown on inspection plan?:

  • First piece inspection plan Comments:


  • All gauging needed to check part available?:

  • Gauge calibrations up to date?:

  • Gauging Comments:

Part Inspection

  • Does Associate know how to inspect part?:

  • Does Associate have needed tools to inspect part (fixtures, surface plate in area, etc)?:

  • Observe associate inspection method. Is method satisfactory/acceptable?:

  • What criteria is associate using for Inspection frequency ?:

  • Part inspection comments:

Part Visual inspection

  • Is part free of nicks, dings, scratches, tool marks - FOD-?:

  • Is material handling device satisfactory?:

  • Is material handling device clean and free of any possible FOD causing issues?:

  • Does areas used to hold part, IE fixtures, Benches, etc have FOD causing issues?:

  • Inspect parts from prior operations, Free of nicks, ding, scratches, tool marks - FOD-?:

  • Part visual inspection Comments:

Associate Input

  • Does process have any issues?:

  • N/C Program issues?:

  • Work Area Issues?:

  • Safety Concerns?:

  • Associate Input Comments:

Action Items

  • Enter action and who is assigned to complete

  • Action:

  • Due Date

  • Enter action and who is assigned to complete

  • Action:

  • Due Date

  • Enter action and who is assigned to complete

  • Action:

  • Due Date

  • Enter action and who is assigned to complete

  • Action:

  • Due Date

  • Enter action and who is assigned to complete

  • Action:

  • Due Date

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