Has remedial action from previous inspection been completed?

Summary of Inspection

Workplace Behaviour/Contractor Monitoring

1. Is the area under inspection, including access, egress and walkways;

(a) Clean and tidy

(b) Safe and free from obstructions and overhead hazards

(c) Free from slip and trip hazards (oil, water, grease and defective flooring)

2. Are all hazards (slip, trip, fall, obstruction and overhead);

(a) Fenced off

(b) Clearly marked with warning notices posted as required.

3. Are stores and equipment in store rooms;

(a) Properly and securely stowed

(b) Stowed with heavy items at waist height

(c) Stowed below stowage line on top shelves

(d) Unobstructed and easily accessible

4. Is work equipment / machinery

(a) Secured against movement

(b) In good working order and properly maintained

(c) Provided with warning and instruction signs where necessary

(d) Being operated by properly trained staff

(e) Are ladders and steps identified with ships identification mark

(f) Is lifting equipment marked with SWL, serial number and in date

5. Are portable electrical appliances, leads, plugs and sockets

(a) In good condition

(b) With no overloading of electrical sockets

6. Are tools and utensils

(a) In good condition and properly stowed

7. Are the following adequate

(a) Lighting (including emergency lighting)

(b) Ventilation

8. With regard to emergency equipment and escape routes

(a) Are fire hoses and extinguishers in position and unobstructed

(b) Are fire and watertight doors unobstructed and free to close in an emergency

(c) Are all emergency escape routes clearly marked and unobstructed

(d) Is the area free from combustibles, flammable substances and other fire hazards

(e) Are all safety and emergency signs clear and in good condition

(f) Are first aid kits available with correct contents

9. Are crew members and contractors working in the area

(a) Working in a safe manner in accordance with laid down procedures

(b) Wearing appropriate PPE and equipment

(c) Adequately supervised

10. In chemical and gas stowage areas

(a) Are appropriate signs displayed warning of the chemical hazards

(b) Are oxygen and acetylene cylinders stowed separately in a well ventilated space

(c) Are cylinder isolating valves closed?

11. In Paint/Flammable Lockers

(a) Are all containers holding solvent based substances closed?

(b) Is the ventilation fan running?

(c) Is access to the fixed fire fighting installation unobstructed?

12. Is the waste in the area

(a) Properly contained ( in closed bins where necessary)

(b) Segregated in accordance with the waste management plan

(c) Safely disposed of in accordance with the waste management plan

13. Are water taps, pipes and hoses

(a) In good condition, free from leaks and turned off when not in use

14. Are lights and electrical appliances

(a) Switched off to reduce energy consumption

15. Are hydraulic oil, lube oil and fuel oil systems, equipment and savealls

(a) Clean and free from leakage

(b) In good condition (including leakage)

16. Are the following documents available as required

(a) Chemical safety data sheets and COSHH assessments

(b) Code of Safe Working Practices as per safety notice boards

(c) Training Manual in Crew and Officers messes

(d) Current Health, Safety & Environmental Policies on Safety Notice boards

17. General Maintenance

(a) Is the area including bulkheads, deck heads and decks maintained and in good order?

(b) Are other fixtures and fitting in the area correctly maintained?

18. Security

(a) Are all security doors operating correctly?

(b) Are other door closings and latching mechanisms operating correctly?

Accompanying Officer
Please note that this checklist is a hypothetical example and provides basic information only. It is not intended to take the place of, among other things, workplace, health and safety advice; medical advice, diagnosis, or treatment; or other applicable laws. You should also seek your own professional advice to determine if the use of such checklist is permissible in your workplace or jurisdiction.