Post tension

  • Is PT checklist complete, signed, and attached from subcontractor MA Steel?

  • Are all post-tensioned cables accounted for with no shortages or extra cables?

  • Are all cables extending at least 20" past the bulkhead so that they can be stressed?

  • Do all tendons have sufficient space to be stressed?

  • Have all castings been dressed up with back-up bars?

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  • Are cables nice and straight or bent (with sweep bars) and have the highs @ column lines and lows in the middle of the bay?

  • All tendons are straight a minimum of 2 feet in front of both the live and dead ends?

  • Any tendons that are swept by more than 1 in 12 have tendons separated by 2" clear & U-bars containing the sweep per PTI detail. Sweeps greater than 1/6 by SEOR approval only.

  • Are all nicks, scratches and cuts in cables or sheathing repaired and taped?

  • Added tendon fixed end anchors are located at slab mid-depth, with back up bars & staggered 12" per project details?

  • Do all tendons have the proper 6" min clearance from slab penetrations, min 24" of straight tendon beyond edge of opening prior to sweeping? Are trim bars around openings installed around openings per detail? (refer to structural drawings and/or PT shop drawings)

  • There are no slab penetrations within 24" of PT anchor in 45 degree zone behind anchor (see typ. project detail)?


  • Has rebar installer filled out checklist

  • Are all additional bars installed around MEP openings/sleeves?

  • Are all column (or beam) dowels sticking out of pour with sufficient lap splices?

  • Is reinforcement for beam stirrups installed at correct spacing?


  • If the product is a wall or column, has the correct type of form with the appropriate finish been used?

  • Are all construction joints in place with any necessary key-way and holes for steel dowels?

  • Have all embeds/dovetail/barrier cable sleeves been installed?

  • Have all formwork inserts been installed, i.e. cones, holemakers etc.?

  • Do all beams, walls and columns have reveals/chamfer installed as designed?

  • Do all edges have drip strips installed where needed?

  • Have all beams been checked for hardware to prevent blow out? (Ties, jahn-a clamps, kickers, wing nuts, bulkheads etc.)

  • Have all necessary spots been reshored according to the reshore drawing?

  • Have all handrails been adjusted to remain 42" above the deck AFTER concrete is poured, and is toe board installed?


  • Has core and vertical formwork been plumbed before and after concrete is placed?

  • Are all MEP openings, beam pockets and box outs installed and in the correct location?

  • Have all embeds, stud rails and anchor bolts been installed according to the embed/stud rail/anchor bolt drawing?

  • Has all grading of the deck been planned or completed, including cambers, column shortening, pitches and slopes?

  • Have all new/changed walls or columns been laid out and shown to the Ironworker and Carpenter boss?


  • Are all slab slopes/pitches/high points and low points marked out and shown to the finisher foreman?

  • Are the concrete conditions going to change with weather and % of accelerator?

  • Is the finished product determined? (trowel, bull float, broom etc.)

  • Are all water barrels and power trowels in place or lined up ready-to-go?

Laborers / Clean-up

  • If there are different mixes being used, are all the puddling and different mix locations known?

  • Have all scraps (2x4s, rebar, garbage) been picked up off the deck?

  • Has deck been blown and vacuumed?

  • Are all concrete pipes laid out with clamps secured?

  • Has a form release agent been applied to the bottom of the beams and deck?

Signature of Checklist auditor

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