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  • Annual Wind Turbine PM GE1.5

  • Annual PM - Part B

  • Turbine #:

  • Conducted on

  • Completed by:

  • Verification #: (take picture of Turbine sticker)


Nacelle General

  • Check 3 rung ladder going to nacelle for loose / broken hardware.

  • Check soundproofing material for adherence to nacelle.

  • Check all CMS sensors are in place and connected, re-attach if necessary

  • Check Top-box cabinet doors close fully and latch securely.

Turbine Overspeed Test

  • Test Overspeed condition using George designed Frequencer 2000 - Tower should fault and give the messege "16 Oversp.detec.Rot." on the UniOP

  • Tower faulted on Overspeed condition when red indicator light was red

  • IFM Settings.JPG
  • Check parameter values on the IFM module are correct and repeat the test

  • Output turned off when indicator light was green

  • IFM Settings.JPG
  • Check parameter values on the IFM module are correct and repeat the test

  • Inspect catwalk for missing hardware

  • Inspect Overall condition hatch & latch

  • Inspect Overall condition ground straps

  • Clean Nacelle floor under components, for garbage - and vacuum up oil

  • Inspect Overall condition nacelle exterior


  • Attach legible picture of Gearbox Spec plate

  • Inspect oil level<br>

  • Oil has been topped up

  • Collect oil sample at sampling port near gauge

  • Turn switch on if high speed shaft seal is leaking

  • Change Oil filter

  • Check exterior and cup of old filter for debris (0=clean, 4= obvious metallic flakes/material present)

  • Replace Desiccant Breather

  • Indicate level of saturation (0=unsaturated, 4=completely saturated)

  • Gearbox inspection and particle sample collection

  • Condition of gearteeth (0=Great condition, 4=cracked or missing teeth)

  • Overall condition oil pump and motor

  • Turn Switch on if Pump is leaking

  • Overall condition, pump and motor mounting hardware

  • Clean(vacuum) bottom of gearbox radiator

  • Is the cooler rad leaking? (0=no, 3=leaving puddles)

  • Overall condition oil heater and motor

  • Clean oil tray

  • Clean ALL oil under gearbox & lay new pig mat

  • Ensure all inspection hatches, oil fittings, hoses etc. are secured before leaving.

Main Bearing

  • Inspect Overall condition main bearing

  • Empty grease trap and replace pig mat

  • inspect main bearing mounting bolts

  • Lubricate main bearing - 3 tubes of Kluberplex 141 grease

Svendborg Brake

  • Overall condition brake system

  • Inspect brake pad wear switch

  • Inspect brake clamp

  • Inspect brake disc

  • Inspect brake pads for uneven or excessive wear

  • Check brake adjustment

Svendborg Brake Power Unit

  • Overall condition, mounting hardware

  • Clean unit

  • Check oil levels (brake fully released)- add oil if necessary Telus Arctic 32

  • Complete pressure test on visupro - before going to tower - installed recharged Acc if pressure falls below 28


  • Attach legible picture of Generator Spec plate

  • Inspect Bed plate for cracked welds (mostly around connection to main bedplate, but also at cross-member joints

  • Location Legend

    BedPlate Inspections.jpg
  • Beam Location (first #)

  • Weld Location (decimal #)

  • Attach pictures of cracks

  • Indicate approximate length of crack in CMs

  • Check box if the cracks goes into the web

  • Overall condition of generator, mounting hardware

  • Inspect gen. stator terminations for arcing/burning/corrosion

  • Torque check rotor junction box lugs

  • Torque check stator junction box lugs

  • Clean slip ring chamber

Slip Ring Condition

  • Ground ring Condition (0=Good, 3=severe out of round)

  • Phase ring 1 (next to ground) Condition (0=Good, 3=severe out of round)

  • Phase ring 2 Condition (0=Good, 3=severe out of round)

  • Phase ring 3 Condition (0=Good, 3=severe out of round)

  • Inspect brushes Replace any worn more than 1/4 inch below holder

  • Clean and inspect brush mounting hardware

  • Check brush wear switches

  • Overall condition sensors junction box

  • Overall condition fan motor

  • Empty grease trap

  • Listen for bearing noise before greasing (0=quiet, 4=obvious bearing defect)

  • Lubricate drive, non-drive end bearings (1 tube of Kuberplex 141 at each bearing)

Top Box

  • General Condition of top box

  • Clean and vacuum cabinet

  • Clean or replace cabinet filters if present

  • Fan/brake release switch set back to factory condition if changed

Yaw System

  • Inspect yaw drives - Yaw tower and watch for movement in each drive as it stops and starts

  • Listen for abnormal noise while tower is Yawing<br>

  • Indicate Yaw Puck Tension level (0 - too tight, 1 - Good, 2 - Getting loose, 3 - needs tensioning, 4 - needs immediate attention)

Yaw Motors and Drives

  • Overall condition junction boxes

  • Overall tooth condition yaw pinions

  • Inspect oil level on all drives

  • Oil has been topped up

  • Is the oil clear and clean?

  • Overall tooth condition yaw ring gear

  • Greased yaw ring gear teeth with Ceplattyn

Pitch Control Slip ring

  • Inspect Overall condition, mounting hardware

  • Turn switch on if pitch tube seal is leaking<br>

  • Clean enclosure exterior

FAA Lighting

  • Check if turbine has an FAA Light

  • Overall condition of light and cover

  • Is the light on?

  • Is the Light Blinking?

Clean-up / Close-out Job Completion

  • All tools / equipment removed from task location

  • Task area cleaned up at end of job / shift

  • Turbine Fire extinguisher present and servicable

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