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  • Melancthon Tractor Monthly Inspection

  • Conducted on

  • Inspector:

This Inspection form is to be done by the designated tech assigned to the forklift on a monthly basis.

  • Tractor Identification

Pre Start Checklist

  • Are tyres and rims in good condition? Check for any visual damage.

  • Fire Extinguisher - present and ready for use

  • Fluids - check for leaks or signs of leaks

Fluid Levels

  • Engine Oil above add line

  • Hydraulic Oil above add line

  • Brake Fluid above add line

  • Engine coolant

  • Washer Fluid Full

  • Structure - check there are no cracks, dents or visible damage of any sort

  • Loader - check for signs of damage, stress cracks, bent arms

  • Cylinders - Check for damage, leaks, connections

  • Hoses - Check for damage, leaks, connections

  • Lights - functionality and condition of lenses

  • Guards - check shields and guards are present and in good condition

  • Controls - check seat condition. Are controls clearly marked. Ensure seat and steering wheel are in good condition and properly adjusted. Seat belt works correctly

Post Start Checklist

  • Listen - any unusual or unexpected sounds?

  • Controls - are controls, pedals and indicators working?

  • Windshield wipers functioning - blades in good condition?

  • Windshield washer fluid sprays properly?

  • Windows - no cracks - glass can be seen through

  • Can Heater functions, defrost works

  • Are the revers buzzer and beacon working correctly?

  • Are the lights and flashing strobe working correctly?

  • Steering - does the steering wheel turn smoothly from lock to lock?

  • Brakes - do both the park brake and foot brake work correctly?

  • Loader hydraulics - check that lift & tilt work properly for their full extent?

  • Rear & accessory hydraulics - function properly for their full extent?

Checks complete

  • Is this equipment safe to use?

  • Signature

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