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  • Are floors free of water, ice, oil or other fluids?

  • Are floor surfaces even (eg no loose tiles or carpet that is torn or has ridges or holes)?

  • Are ramps designed to prevent slips and falls?


  • Are walkways and doorways clear of boxes, extension cords and litter?

  • Are spills cleaned up immediately?

  • Are the responsibilities for cleaning floors, clearing work areas and walkways clearly specified?


  • Are there any stairs on your premises?

  • Are stairways kept clear of boxes, extension cords and litter?

  • Is the tread on stairs adequate to minimise slipping?

  • Is the tread on each stair adequate?

  • Are hand-rails adequate?


  • Are work areas, walkways and stairs well lit?

  • Does the lighting enable workers to move between indoor and outdoor tasks safely?


  • Is the footwear worn by workers suitable for the workplace?

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