Agency Compliance

1) Agency License as required by national laws [A1.4/Reg5.3]

2) National requirement for employment control or exit permits/license [A1.4/Reg5.3]

3) Registration for Social Insurance [A1.4/Reg5.3]

Seafarers' Social Insurance & Benefits

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4) Proper office with qualified staff for day-to-day operations [A1.4/Reg5.3]

5) Quality Management System (ISO or equivalent) [A1.4/Reg5.3]

Seafarers' Rights [A1.4/p3d]

6) Control Procedures to protect seafarers' rights [A1.4/p3d]

7) Statement/List that defer seafarer from employment [A1.4/p5a]

8) Statement that no fees/charges to seafarers for recruitment & employment as per Item 6 [A1.4/p5b]

Documents & Records [A1.4/p5c]

9) Seafarers are properly qualified, certified & validated [A1.4/p5c(III)]

Certificate of Competence / Watchkeeping Certificates

Certificate of Endorsements


Basic Safety Training

STCW Training Records

CES & English Test

10) Manning agency to verify authenticity & validity [A1.2/Reg1.3]

11) Seafarers' records & documents are kept updated [A1.4/p5c(I)]

12) Manning agent maintains the full set of records & documents [A1.2/Reg1.3, A1.4/p2]

Recruitment, Training & Induction

Total Pool & Breakdown

Pre-Deployment Brief & Post-Deployment Debrief


12) Seafarers are informed of their duties & rights (Item 6) prior to embarkation [A1.4/p5c(II)]

Safety is Top Priority
- Adherence to Safety Management System
- Inspect, Report & Correct Unsafe Act/Conditions

Minimum Safe-Manning according to Flag State

Food is Free-of-Charge during deployment/engagement

Medical Care on board is Free-of-Charge during deployment/engagement

Accommodations & Entertainment facilities are provided in accordance to MLC2006

Owner will not be liable if/when:
- injury outside service of vessel
- willful misconduct
- sickness/infirmity intentionally concealed

13) Seafarers are informed of important contact numbers [A1.4/p5c(IV)]

a) Agent Contact Details

b) Emergency Contact Number (DPA / Contingency Hotline)

c) NCPL / Crewing Dept Contact (

14) Seafarers are aware of compliant procedures to seek redress [A1.4/p5c(V)]

15) Seafarers are familiar with terms of Agreement & compensation [A1.4/a5c(vi), A2.3, A2.6, A4.2]

Collective Bargaining Agreement (CBA)
- Social Security
- Repatriation cost bore by Owner (unless dismissed due to misconduct)
- Deployment <12mths
- Compensation of 2mths Basic Wage when vessel is lost due to sales/floundering

Seafarers' Employment Agreement (SEA)
- Co-Signed by Seafarer & Owner
- 3 copies (Seafarer, Owner & Agent)


16) Agency maintains records:
- Allotment
- Bank Details
[A2.2, A4.5]

17) Wages to be remitted to his family or legal beneficiaries on monthly basis [A2.2]

18) Work-Rest Hours
- Work: 44hrs/wk
- Rest: 77hrs/wk

19) Annual Paid Leave
- 2.5 calendar days/mth

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