2.1 Office Layout

  • The layout of work areas is suitable for tasks

  • There is sufficient area in which to work

  • The potential for interruption of work is minimised

  • Appropriate mechanical handling equipment is provided, where required

2.2 Electrical equipment

  • There are sufficient general purpose outlets (GPOs) for the equipment and appliances

  • All switches, plugs & GPOs are in good condition

  • Double adaptors & piggy-back plugs are not in use

  • Extension leads are only used for temporary, short-term power connections

  • Power boards with overload protection are used if sufficient GPOs are not available

  • Equipment and appliances, including cords and leads, are in good condition

  • Equipment and appliances are earthed or double insulated. Look for the double insulation symbol on the specification plate

  • Fittings a protected against external dsmage

  • Electrical equipment is tested at appropriate intervals

2.3 Work stations

2.3.1 Chair

  • The chair has five point base

  • The chair is fully adjustable

  • The chair has adequate lumbar support

  • The chair is in good condition

  • The chair moves easily on floor surface

  • The chair is well padded

2.3.2 Footrest

  • Footrests are available if require

2.3.3 Desk/Benches

  • Work surfaces are set up at the appropriate height
    - 710-720 mm for seated work
    - 900 - 1000 mm for standing work

  • There is sufficient room for the tasks carried out

  • Frequently used items are within the primary reach zone of the user

  • The work surface has useable, uncluttered space

2.3.4 Computer equipment

  • The computer screen is at arm's length from the user

  • The computer screen is at the correct height for the user

  • The computer screen is directly in front of the user

  • The computer screen is positioned to minimize glare

  • Position of keyboard correct for current user

  • The keyboard is flat

  • The mouse is used at the same height as keyboard

2.3.5 Clearance

  • There is clear access to the workstation

  • The is free space to a depth of 1m behind the workstation

  • There is adequate space at rear and side of chair to allow free unrestricted movement

  • There is sufficient knee space

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