1.1 Emergency Procedus

  • Evacuation procedures are clearly displayed

  • Emergency floor plans are clearly displayed

  • Emergency contact numbers are clearly displayed

  • Emergency numbers are current

  • Emergency exits are clear

  • Emergency lighting is provided

1.2 Egress & evacuation

  • Exit doors are marked and clearly visible

  • Exit doors can be opened from inside (no padlocks)

  • Exit corridors and doors are clear of obstructions, including stored materials or equipment

  • Exit ladders and catwalks are clear of obstructions

1.3 First aid

  • A first aid kit is available

  • Lists of trained first aid people and contact numbers are displayed

  • Lists of first aid people are current

  • Cabinets and contents are clean, orderly and properly stocked

  • Notices indicating location of each kit are on display

1.4 Fire extinguishers

  • Fire extinguishers are located in easy to see locations

  • Fire extinguishers a marked for the types of fires to be fought

  • Fire extinguishers have been inspected/tagged within the last 6 months

  • All fire extinguishers and safety blankets are within the certification or use by date

  • Fire hoses are conveniently located in major corridors

  • Sprinkler system is operational (sprinkler heads free from damage)

  • Overhead sprinkler/detectors are clear of obstructions, stores, etc.

1.5 floors and aisles

  • The floors surface is even (no cracks or holes)

  • Openings in the floor are protected

  • The area is free from tripping hazards

  • Aisles a of sufficient width (at least 0.8m in offices, 1m elsewhere)

  • Floors and aisles a clear of rubbish, materials and equipment

  • There are no no electrical cords lying across walkways

1.6 Stairs & Landings

  • There are no wound broken treads on stairs

  • Handrails a in good repair

  • Non-skid strips on stairs are in good condition

  • Landings a clear of obstructions

  • Emergency exit stairs are adequately lit

  • There is no storage of materials, equipment in emergency exit stairs

1.7 Signage

  • Appropriate warning and information signage is displayed

  • Signage is in good condition

  • Signage is clearly visible

1.8 Work environment

1.8.1 Lighting

  • Lighting levels are sufficient and not excessive for;
    -general tasks
    -movement throughout the workplace
    -tasks that have specific lighting requirements

  • Glare from both external and internal light is controlled

  • Light fittings, including diffusers, file tots, tubes/bulbs, are clean and in good condition

  • Light switches zoned correctly for safety and energy efficiency

1.8.2 Noise

  • Exposure to noise is prevented

  • Photocopiers are located away from personal workstations

1.8.3 Ventilation/Thermal comfort

  • General ventilation provisions are sufficient

  • Temperature & humidity control is sufficient

1.9 Waste management

  • There are sufficient and appropriate waste disposal containers

  • Contents of recycling and waste to landfill bins are appropriate to reduce cross contamination and to maximize recycling opportunities

  • Bins are routinely emptied

  • Individual under desk landfill bins are available

1.10 Housekeeping

  • Access and egress routes are well defined and kept clear at all times

  • Desktops, benches,and working surfaces are clean and free from clutter, scrap and waste materials

  • The area is free of accumulated equipment, stores, rubbish, etc.

  • Combustible or flammable materials are fe distance for heating appliances, e.g. Room heaters,stoves in kitchens, or heat-generating devices, e.g. Photocopiers, laminators,equipment and machinery

1.11 Handling & storage of materials

  • Mechanical aids or equipment are available for handling materials

  • Materials are stored on shelves or in storage rooms, as appropriate

  • Storage of heavy items above shoulder height is avoided

  • Stored material is secured to prevent shifting/falling

  • Storage units are free of rubbish

  • Storage units are properly constructed and secured to prevent falling

  • Storage rooms are neat and tidy

1.12 Hygiene

  • Clean and separate meal rooms provided

  • Drinking water is readily available

  • Adequate washing facilities are provided

  • There are sufficient toilets

  • Lockers or hangers provided for work-clothes

  • Staff amenities are kept clean

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