• Project name

  • Location
  • Conducted on

  • Document No.

  • Prepared by: Rob Rose

  • Portion inspected

  • C.S.O. and / or First aid person responsible for site safety

  • Number of workers on site during inspection:

  • Number of infractions and recommendations

  • Action date for compliance

  • CC: Site Superintendent:

  • CC: Project Manager:

Site progress photo

  • Add media

Public access

  • Site entrance

  • Hoarding and fencing

  • Sidewalks and walk ways

  • Site staging area

  • Traffic control measures , site signage ie, sidewalk closed, do not enter, construction ahead etc.

General site conditions

  • Site signage, ie, site rules, PPE warnings

  • General housekeeping ,ease of access and material stock pile

  • Dowel protection in place

  • Floor openings covered and secured

  • Ladders and scaffold

  • Machinery and equipment

Emergency procedures

  • Site plan posted and up to date

  • Emergency boxes

  • D.E.P. Box


  • Safety head gear and foot wear

  • Eye and hearing protection

  • Respiratory protection

  • Appropriate clothing

Electrical conditions

  • G.F.I.C.'s in use

  • Lighting conditions

  • Lockout and Hi voltage

  • Electrical tools and power cords

  • Power lines tagged , under ground warnings, 30M33 "Assurance in writing" form

Fall Protection conditions and procedures

  • Guardrails and handrails

  • Fall Protection procedures and site specific plans

  • Training and documentation

  • Equipment condition

  • Elevated devices I.e. boom & aerial lifts, including current logs and inspections for them


  • Daily inspections

  • Tool box talks

  • Peak Monthly trade safety coordination meetings

  • Last months Peak Monthly Site Safety Inspection posted

  • Most recent Peak JOSH meeting posted

  • Orientations

  • Safe Work Practices and Safe Job Procedures

  • OH&S Programs on site

  • First aid record book

  • Work Safe BC Inspection Reports

  • WHMIS and MSDS

Disciplinary Action

  • Have any disciplinarian actions been written this month?

Incident and Near Miss reporting

  • Have any incidents or near misses occurred this month?

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