Parker Wing Basement

By Elevator 6C

In Compliance manager office

In Compliance office

In Telephone Equipment room

Hallway by telephone equipment room

In lab storeroom

In Special Projects area

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Jones Bldg Basement

Elevator room outside staff elevators

Outside elevator #7 in hall corner

Elevator room next to public elevators 3 & 4

Bottom of ramp in corner going to Radiation Therapy

Inside big equipment room( boilers and air handlers)

Inside data comm room, 1st door on left from elevators 3&4

Inside electrical room, 2nd door on left from elevators 3&4

Inside electrical room, 4th door on the left from elevators 3&4

End of hall by garage entrance doors

Elevator equipment room in garage for elevators 1&2

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Radiation Therapy

By elevator 17A

In elevator equipment room 009

By room 018

In mechanical room 026C

In Linear Accelerator room

In Linear accelerator room

In simulator room

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1st Floor

1st Floor Extinguishers

In A-Wing mechanical room 1119

By room 1100

Inside room 1113

By stairwell 1South

By room 1231

By room 1218

By room 1213

By room 1202

In elevator mechanical room 1211

In mechanical room 1201 by stairwell

In room 1302 in basement file room

In room 1302 at the bottom of stairs going to basement

Hallway by room 1302

In room 1309 (need key)

Hallway by room 1319 and patient restroom

By room 1425E

On column by back door 1425H

Dietary storeroom by elevator

Dietary storeroom by outside entrance

By card board compactor

By room 1424

Morgue room 1424(need key)

The Hole( mechanical room)

Also do all spares in the hole( mechanical room)
If needed call to have spares reinspected by Vendor

Hallway by copier room, around the corner from room 1419

In mechanical room 1414

By room 1502

By room 1511

Cathlab on column by room 1744

Cathlab by room 1745

Cathlab in room 1743 on the front wall

Cathlab in room 1747(clean supply)

Bottom of ramp by Cath Lab

Doctors Lounge kitchen area

Doctors Lounge dressing room

In mechanical room 5A( east basement)

Parker wing lobby by admissions front desk

Gift shop storeroom

Inside admissions ( bullpen room)

Starbucks Cabinet Parker Wing Lobby

Hallway by Pathology and Lab

In new lab area

Lab area hallway by room 1605

Lab area by room 1602 and back entrance

In new back area of the lab

By room 1824

In mechanical room 1824

In mechanical room 1824 in the old generator room

By room 1841

In mechanical room 1837

By room 1835

In room 1832A elevator 8A mechanical room

Across from room 1848

In room 1848

Across from room 1851

In room 1850G (CT SCAN control room)

Lobby area by room 1967

By room 1962

By room 1977

In mechanical room 1978

On 2nd flor of Trauma in lobby area(First Flight)

In room 2906 (First Flight ) kitchen area

Top of Trauma Center South Stairwell

Trauma Center 1st floor main entrance by plaques

Trauma Center prisoner holding area room 1996

By room 1930

Outside Oxygen cage

Outside trash compactor

Hazardous Material Storage shed behind central plant

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Jones Bldg 1st floor

By Surgery info desk

In Quiznos kitchen area

To the right of the admissions desk

Behind admissions by room 1920

Hall in Central Supply by room 1934

By room 1975 in hall

In Infusion by room 1975

At back dock by room 1971

3 extinguishers in HBO area

In hall by elevators

By Surgery elevators

In Sterile Processing by room 1961D(scrubs required)

In Sterile Processing by room 1961D(scrubs required)

In Central Supply by back elevator #9 (scrubs required)

In Sterile Processing in front by entrance door(scrubs required)

Mechanical room in Memorial Garden for elevator #8

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2nd Floor

2nd Floor Extinguishers

By room 2702-2

Across from room 2702-2

By room 2709-1

Across from room 2709-3

In room 2729

In mechanical room 2714

In mechanical room 2745

Across from room 2728

Across from 2704-2

Across from elevator 7A & 7B in column

In ICCU/CCU waiting area across from elevator 7A & 7B

Across from room 2521

Ministers hallway in mechanical room 2730

By room 2734 across from Chapel

By back drop curtain in back dining room of cafeteria

Around the corner from 5 west stairwell

Across from room 2509A

Across from room 2505B

In room 2501

In room 2617

Elevator 6E & 6F lobby

By room 2623

Inside room 2623 Howard kitchen area

By room 2637

In mechanical room 2632

In Tom Roberts kitchen area

By room 2602

In mechanical room 2602

In cafeteria dining area by room 2414C

In cafeteria dining area by steps to side dining room in box

In cafeteria by room 2414A (office)

In cafeteria by room 2416A

In cafeteria serving area by grill (K-type)

In kitchen area by elevator 4D and across from electrical panels

In kitchen by dishroom entrance and across from walk in freezers(K-type)

In kitchen by double sink on wall

In kitchen area on west wall by sinks(K-type)

In kitchen area on west wall by automatic double doors

By stairwell 1 South

By room 2124

In mechanical room 2126

MRI lobby waiting area

By room 2119B

Inside MRI by room 2131 curtain

Inside MRI by room 2135 nursing desk(non ferrous)

By room 2101

By room 2302

By room 2229

Across from room 2206

Magee wing entrance up ramp

By room 2814

In mechanical room 2820

Across from room 2819

In mechanical room by stairwell 8 South

In room 2310 (phone and computer closet)

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Jones Bldg 2nd floor

Across from room 2976

Across from room 2921

By room 2925

By room 2938

By room 2910

Across from room 2959

In PACU across from C-18

By room 29104

By control desk 29123 (scrubs required)

By room 29146 (scrubs required)

By OR 8 (scrubs required)

By room 29142: OR 14 (scrubs required)

In mechanical room (scrubs required)

Across from room 29129, PACU entrance (scrubs required)

Across from room 2945

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3rd Floor

3rd Floor Extinguishers

In mechanical room 3665

Next to room 3619

In mechanical room 3666

Elevator 6E & 6F lobby

By room 3531

By room 3758

By room 3717

In room 3728

Across from room 3731

In stairwell 7 North vestibule by room 3732

In mechanical room 3734

By room 3515

By room 3419

By elevator 4A across from room 3409

By room 3437

By room 3423

By room 3429

By room 3310

By room 3126

By room 3157

By room 3100

By room 3216

In mechanical room 3218 across from nurses desk

By room 3228

Across from room 3201

Across from room 3608

By room 3612

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4th Floor

4th Floor extinguishers

By room 4101

By room 4113 across from A4 nurse station

By room 4126

By room 4301

By room 4401

By room 4410

By room 4411

Across from room 4439

In room 4439 Environmental Services storage

In room 4429

Across from room 4425

In room 4427 Print Shop

In room 4423 Print Shop

By room 4414

By room 4513

In room 4502

Across from 4609 by fire doors going to North wing

By room 4606

In mechanical room 4600

Elevator 6E & 6F lobby

By room 4615 in between the c-lockers in the sterile area

By room 4625

By room 4629

In mechanical room 4630

By room 4531

Across from elevator 7B

By room 4719

In stairwell 7 North vestibule by room 4772

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Jones Bldg 4th Floor

Across from painting in hall

By room 4702A

By nurses station

By room 4971

Across from room 4911

In MedSpa by janitor room

By OR entrance

By room 4929

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5th Floor

5th Floor Extinguishers

By room 5759

Between rooms 5717 & 5722

Stairwell vestibule by room 5771

Elevator 6E & 6F lobby lobby

Hallway elevator lobby area 5659

Mechanical room 5638

By room 5630

By room 5608

Mechanical room 5600

By room 5503

By room 5509

By room 5517

By room 5525

In room 5523

In room 5407(Bio-Med shop)

In room 5407(Bio-Med shop)

In room 5414 (Pharmacy)

In room 5414(Pharmacy)

In room 5414(Pharmacy)

In room 5414(Pharmacy)

In room 5410(Pharmacy)

In room 5405

In mechanical room 5408

By stairwell 4 West

In room 5401

Across from room 5309

By room 5302

By room 5126

By room 5114

By room 5100

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Jones bldg 5th Floor

Across from 5901

Across from 5909

Across from 5907

Across from 5919

Across from 5912

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Jones MOB Bldg

By stairwell

By janitor room

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6th Floor

6th Floor Extinguishers

By room 6126

By room 6152 staff restroom

By room 6101

Across from 6311

In room 6308

By room 6301

By room 6401A

By room 6402C

By room 6403

By room 6509A

Across from room 6646

In mechanical room 6645

By room 6603

By room 6623

By room 6635

In mechanical room 6641

Elevators 6E & 6F lobby lobby

Across from room 6643

By room 6521

By room 6759

In room 6759 telephone equipment room

By room 6717

In stairwell 7 North vestibule by room 6772

In penthouse for elevator 5A

In penthouse for elevators 4A & 4B

In penthouse for elevator 4C

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7th Floor

7th Floor Extinguishers

By room 7101

By room 7115

By Nurse station med room 7151

Across from room 7117

By room 7124

Tube system equipment room penthouse

Elevator 1A & 1B penthouse

By room 7760

By room 7719

Stairwell 7 North vestibule by room 7772

Elevator 7A & 7B penthouse on wall right side

Elevator 7A & 7B penthouse inside cage at corner

Elevator 6E & 6F lobby lobby

By room 7641

In mechanical room 7648

By room 7619

By room 7605

In mechanical room 7649

Elevator 6A,6B,6C and 6D penthouse

Elevator 6E & 6F penthouse

Elevator 6A,6B,6C and 6D penthouse

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ContinueCare at Hendricks 7th Floor Jones Bldg

Across from room 7901

Across from room 7907

Across from room 7909

Across from room 7915

Across from room 7919

Next to room 7977(environmental services)

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8th Floor

8th Floor Extinguishers

Across from room 8901

Across from room 8907

Across from room 8909

Across from room 8915

Across from room 8919

Across from room 8923

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Cancer Center(Shelton Bldg)

Cancer Center(Shelton Bldg) Extinguishers

By Cancer Center elevators

By room 103A

Across from room 111

By room 144

Outside mechanical room 117

The Outside mechanical room

2nd Floor Cancer Center(Shelton Bldg)

By elevators

Across from room 209

In mechanical room 203

By room 219

In mechanical room 219

In elevator mechanical room 006 in the basement

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Central Plant

Central Plant Fire Extinguishers

In mechanical office

Top of stairs by breakroom

In front of Kewanee

On oxygen dolly

In front of chiller 1-93

By double mechanical doors

In room with breaker boxes

Boiler area hanging on pole

In front of red boiler

Next to Cleaver Brooks boiler

Next to eye wash station

By steamer

By booster pump

By front exit door

Entrance to chiller 1-99

Inside the Liquid Oxygen tank area in parking lot 5

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