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  • Is the House curtain rope is in working order? Check the length of the Manila rope for frays, knots, twists or cuts.

  • Is the rope fixed firmly to the cradle?

  • Is the rope lock in working order?<br><br>Check the action of the rope lock and ensure that it grips the rope to prevent any movement.

  • Are "in" and "out" dead limits set?

  • Are the counterweights stacked firmly and securely in the cradle?

  • Is curtain operators position clean, tidy and free of debris and equipment?

  • Are the wire ropes, swaging, shackles and other fixing hardware in safe working condition?<br><br>Visually inspect the full length of wire rope for frays, kinks or cuts. Check that the swaging has not slipped. Check that shackles are secure and moused.

  • Are the head and loft blocks in safe working order?<br><br>

  • Is the dual Curtain Baton in safe working order?<br><br>Visually inspect the batons for signs of wear or weakness.

  • Is the house curtain fit for use?<br><br>Visually inspect the House Curtain for signs of wear, tears or other. Is the curtain secured to the baton?

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