• There are no broken or unused equipment / machinery in the work area.

  • Aisles, stairs, and floors clean and are free from obstacles.

  • Take a picture of area.

  • Garbage is being properly contained and disposed of.

  • No spills or leaks in the work area.

  • Workstations / table(s) are clean.

  • Equipment and tools are clean.

Material Handling

  • Inventory or WIP, is being piled or stacked within safe limits

  • Item(s) are being properly stored in their designated areas

  • Work material(s) are being handled safely and properly

  • There is a good use of lifting equipment


  • Guarding to power transmission equipment is in place (eg. CNC saw guard).

  • Pinch points are guarded.

  • Emergency safeguards are in operation (eg. Emergency stop buttons, CNC laser eye).

  • Guards or deflective devices provided for chips/sparks from rotating equipment

  • Machinery is clean and appears to be in good running condition

  • Load capacities are identified and clearly marked on hoisting/lifting equipment

  • Hoisting/lifting chains and slings are properly maintained and in good condition

  • Only those personnel trained, are operating the machinery

Hand Tools

  • Tools are in good working condition

  • Guards and safety fixtures are safe and operational

  • Tools are being stored in their proper location or in a safe manner

  • Tools are being used for their intended uses


  • Workers do not make unnatural or awkward motions, or strain themselves.

  • There is significant lighting in the area of the worker to be in

  • The room temperature is adequate for the worker to do his/her duty

Personal Protective Equipment (PPE)

  • Safety footwear is being worn when required

  • Eye protection is being worn

  • Hearing protection is being worn

  • Gloves are being worn when required

  • Respirators are being worn when required

  • Machine operators has long hair contained (e.g.. Hair net, hat, tied back, etc..)


  • No signs of loose clothing in area of moving machinery parts

  • Proper clothing is being worn

Fire Protection

  • Combustible containment storage is in good working condition

  • Combustibles (rags, towels, excess flammable chemicals, etc..) are stored safely

  • Emergency exits are marked and are free from obstruction(s)

  • Fire extinguishers clear from obstruction

  • Sprinkler heads have at least 18" clearance

  • Fire extinguishers are being inspected, recorded & up to date

  • Drums or tanks are properly bonded or grounded

  • Compressed gas cyinders stored securely upright and away from heat sources

  • Emergency evacuation plans are posted

Health Hazards

  • Work area(s) are free from excessive dust, gasses and fumes? Adequate ventilation

  • Washrooms in the area are being kept clean eg. Floors are dry/clean, soap, paper towel, toilet paper

  • Controlled products being used are properly labeled (e.g. supplier & work labels)

  • Controlled products waste is being properly contained

First Aid

  • Safety report forms available

  • First Aid equipment, and supplies inventories are being monitored (checklist on first aid box)

  • First Aid response team members names, and photos are posted in your work area

  • First Aid room (If applicable) is clean and organized

  • Eye wash equipment is clean, free from obstruction & inspection tags are up to date

Forklift Vehicles

  • Forklift vehicles (if applicable) & all other lift(s) inspections logs are up to date

Safe Work Procedures

  • All employees (if applicable) are trained in safe work procedures (confirm with supervisor)

  • All employees (if applicable) have access to safe work procedures (confirm with supervisor)

Safe Walk Area's

  • Walk ways, aisle ways and stair ways are clear

  • Stair treads are free from damage and wear

  • Stair ways are marked and free of garbage, snow and ice

Electrical Panels

  • There are clear access to all electrical panels from all sides

  • There are no signs of loose or damage cable(s) lines running to and from the panel box

  • Floor taping around the electrical panels is good condition

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